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Guidelines & Evaluation

Applying for External Development

Have you seen an external course or conference that could help you in your role?

We have a process for applying for funding for courses and conferences, once you and your manager have agreed specific development in your PDR. Each area has a local development panel which meets regularly to consider requests for funded development. The People and OD Team recommend that applications for funding for development above £300 (excluding expenses) are submitted to local panels, by completing the Application for Development Funding form.

However, colleagues should speak to their manager to confirm the process within their School/Service, as this amount may vary. All other development below the agreed threshold needs to be approved by your manager.

Please refer to the People and OD Guidelines for further information.

People and OD Guidelines

Our People and OD Guidelines have the following objectives:

  • To align our people development with organisational goals.
  • To ensure that all of our people have equal access to suitable development opportunities for their role.
  • To enable our people to enhance their performance in their current roles.
  • To enable our people to develop their careers effectively.
  • To ensure a consistent approach to our people development across our schools and services, and how decisions are made. 


Developing our people is an essential part of ensuring continued organisational performance.

In order to ensure the development we deliver is appropriate and effective in addressing individual and organisational needs it is important that the transfer of learning into the workplace is assessed through a process of review and evaluation.

Evaluation allows us to continually improve the learning and development offered through assessing whether objectives have been met; the value for money of our development activities and whether our resources are used wisely. You can help us in ensuring this by providing timely feedback on development activities you undertake. We welcome all honest feedback and comments, the good and the bad! Please do take the opportunity to have your say on what works well and provide your suggestions on how we can improve and further develop our programme by completing our evaluation surveys and questionnaires as detailed below.

How We Evaluate

Following on from any development activity we ask all participants to anonymously complete a short evaluation questionnaire. This is aimed at giving colleages the opportunity to reflect on their experience of, and learning from, the development activity. It also provides valuable feedback to us so that we can continually review and improve the development on offer. If you haven’t been given the opportunity to provide feedback please contact the People and OD Team. 

All feedback is then reviewed by the People and OD Team and our facilitators are required to demonstrate how they have acted on the feedback received.

The team also evaluates all training and development activities that they deliver or administer on a regular basis. This includes reviewing all evaluation questionnaires that are submitted to assess the reaction, learning attained and impact of the activities. This information is used to continuously improve the development activities on offer to colleagues at our University.

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