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New ideas, fascinating stories, learning from others and opportunities to challenge our thinking. Our Masterclasses are tailored to suit different groups and alumni from our leadership development programmes.

Group work at masterclass
Arrow Down Icon Future Leaders Programme

Aimed at – This series of sessions is aimed at colleagues with both the potential and aspiration to take their first step into a management role.

Dates – A successful pilot programme ran in 2017/18. Recruitment for our 2018/19 programme took place in Summer 2018 and this cohort runs from October 2018 to April 2019. Further programmes/dates are to be confirmed, based on feedback and demand.

Format – The programme consists of 4 half-day sessions per cohort, focussed on developing leadership knowledge and skills, including exploring Understanding Leadership, Understanding Me (profiling), Leadership in Action and Coaching and Action Planning. The cohort nature of the programme also offers an opportunity to network and collaborate with peers from across our University.

How can I attend? - Nominations for each programme are sought via Deans and Directors. There are a maximum 30 places per cohort so supporting statements will be requested as part of the nomination process.


Arrow Down Icon Aspiring to Manage Alumni Masterclass

Aimed at – Alumni from our Future Leaders Masterclass Programme and our former ILM Level 2 Programme

Dates – Biannual – around June/July and November/December

Previous sessions/topics – The Resonant Leader, Moving from team member to manager, Engaging Teams, Emotional Resilience, Motivating and Inspiring and Dealing with difficult behaviours and challenging behaviours.

Upcoming sessions – 'Coaching as a tool for growth' led by Heather Simpson. Wednesday 3rd July from 2pm-4:30pm at Lewis Jones Suite, Headingley Carnegie Stand, Headingley Stadium.

How can I attend? - Anyone who is an alumni of our Future Leaders Programme or ILM Level 2 Programmes will receive an email from POD@leedsbeckett.ac.uk inviting them to upcoming masterclasses

Arrow Down Icon Leading Together Masterclass

Aimed at – First line and middle managers, including alumni from our former ILM Level 3-5 Programmes

Dates – Biannual - May/June and November/December

Upcoming Sessions – 'What makes teams tick?'- Part 2, led by Mark Bawden, Tuesday 25th June from 9:30am-12:00pm at 

Lewis Jones Suite, Headingley Carnegie Stand, Headingley Stadium.

How can I attend? - First line and middle managers will receive an email from POD@leedsbeckett.ac.uk inviting them to upcoming sessions

Previous sessions/topics – 

- 'What Makes Teams Tick?' - Mark Bawden, Mindflick

- 'Not just a pretty face..why corporate identity is more than skin deep' with Tracey Lancaster, Deputy Vice Chancellor

- The S.U.M.O guy - Paul McGee 

- Resilient Leadership (the story of Ernest Shackleton)

- Engaging teams through happiness and humour with Laughology

- Inspirational Leadership with Olivier Mythodrama

- The Art of Persuasive Leadership with Mike Stevenson

- Introducing Fierce Conversations


Woman working on laptop
Arrow Down Icon Senior Leadership Collaboration Masterclass

Aimed at – Senior Managers

Dates – Biannual - March/April and September/October

Previous sessions/topics – 

April 2018 - Vital Energy with Dr John Briffa – Wellbeing, effectiveness and resilience

October 2018 - High Performing Teams with Sport & Beyond - what high performance looks like, why it's important and growth mindset

Upcoming sessions - 'Engaging Leadership' led by Beverley Alimo-Metcalfe. Friday 24th May from 9:45am-12:30pm in 

BPA101, Broadcasting Place – Humanities Building, City Campus.

How can I attend? - Senior managers will receive an email from POD@leedsbeckett.ac.uk inviting them to upcoming sessions

Arrow Down Icon Cross-Institutional Leadership Masterclass

Aimed at – Deans of School and Directors of Research from regional institutions, including Leeds Beckett, University of Leeds and Sheffield Hallam

Upcoming sessions - 2019 sessions to be confirmed

Previous Sessions – 

16th November 2018 - Positive Leadership - Enabling & Sustaining Positive Performance with Tailored Thinking. 

January 2018 - 'Innovative Leadership' with the Leadership Foundation for HE.

How can I attend? - Deans of School and Directors of Research from Leeds Beckett will be invited to any upcoming events via email.

Arrow Down Icon Regional Cross Institutional action learning for women

Peers across the North East and Yorkshire helping each other solve problems. 

Including female colleagues from Leeds Beckett, Huddersfield, Leeds, Leeds Trinity, Bradford, Northumbria, Sheffield Hallam and York St John 

Purpose –. The aim of the sets is to provide up to five female academic colleagues from each Institution with a space to focus on career enhancement and to provide networking opportunities across the HE sector.

Action Learning provides a methodology for tackling intractable work placed issues. It is a process that has challenge, support and skillful questioning at its core.

The different perspectives brought by others who are not so closely-related to the work context being described often stimulate broader thinking about an issue than would be the case if an individual were left to tackle it alone. Small group discussions are intended to generate both action and understanding

Dates – A successful pilot programme ran in 2016/17 and following this we have run another cohort during 2017/18. The 2018/19 programme started in December 2018 and runs until March 2019.

Format – The programme consists of 3 set dates. The sets typically take place every 6-8 weeks, so the programme runs over a 3-4 month period.

The first set includes a launch event, with a chance to meet and network with the whole group/cohort, and the final set ends with a feedback/evaluation activity. At each set, each colleague should get around 30 minutes to present and discuss their issue/challenge/opportunity within their set

How can I attend? - Nominations will be sought via Deans and Directors following the completion of the 2018/19 programme. There are a maximum 5 places per institution per cohort so supporting statements may be requested
Arrow Down Icon Aurora Network

Regular events to be organised by colleagues within the Aurora Graduates network. 

For example, Sally Bogg organised the first Aurora+1 event on 7th March 2018, led by Samantha Pugh, as part of International Women’s Week

Colleagues within our Aurora Graduates network will be invited to any upcoming events via email.

Arrow Down Icon Coaching Network

Continued Supervision and CPD events for our internal coaches as part of our city-wide network. 

Our coaches will be notified of and invited to a range of supervision and CPD events across the year.

Please email the People and Organisational Development Team at POD@leedsbeckett.ac.uk to find out more.

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