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Strategic Leadership

Webinar for Senior Leadership Teams

Planning for next steps

 Key leadership and people issues to consider in this pandemic world

How do you balance the operational needs of your area whilst also taking a strategic perspective to ensure you are contributing to the future success of our university in this complex world?

As restrictions lift and some people are able to return to campus to resume their 'normal' working patterns, others may remain working remotely for some time. This new dispersed work environment presents unique challenges for our leadership and some critical questions:-

  • What do we need to do to best support our people? (recognising that there may be employees who have experienced trauma and loss; who are experiencing mental or physical health challenges; uncertain and worried about the future.)
  • What are we learning from the experience?
  • What are we learning about the meaning and value of work?

Using evidence from organisational and positive psychology, Rob Baker of Tailored Thinking has created a webinar specifically for our leadership teams to address these very issues.

If you would like further information about this webinar or would like to discuss other forms of development support for your leadership teams contact Sue O’Boyle, Leadership and Learning Manager,

How do you balance the operational needs of your area whilst also taking a strategic perspective to ensure you are contributing to the future success of our university in this complex world? Invest in your development by taking to time to explore new approaches, reflect on your experiences and share innovative ideas with your leadership peers.

Multi-rater reports

What do your colleagues value about your leadership skills and practice?

Leadership skills and behaviours continually evolve and grow with experience. Taking time out to reflect is an essential part of the learning process made richer by the opportunity to share and exchange views with others. Our 360 degree feedback tools provide a safe and confidential way to check your perceptions with those of key colleagues. In addition to gathering valuable information to underpin your own development, using 360 degree feedback encourages a culture of feedback in your area and creates a learning experience for everyone involved.

We have a number of multi-rater development tools to support this process - EQI 360, Linking Leader and TLQ. Further details about these are below.

For each of the tools, reports are created specifically to your requirements and development plans created during the associated 1:1 coaching sessions. Contact us at if you are interested in discussing any of these tools further.

EQI 360

The EQ-i 360 is an online questionnaire measuring emotional intelligence in five composite areas; self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision-making and stress management.

It is about understanding your emotions and working with them in an intelligent way. This questionnaire asks candidates, and their choice of key stakeholders, about how frequently they use different emotional skills. The feedback will enable you to prioritise your personal leadership development needs and compare yourself to an aspirational norm group. There is also a final section for free-text responses.

Linking Leader

The Linking Leader online questionnaire is based on research in to the key Leadership Skills needed to link people, tasks and strategy.

This report provides detailed feedback on the relative importance and satisfaction rates for each. Feedback also includes an order of importance, gap analysis, feedback per question, and tailored narrative suggestions for improvement. Each of the 13 skills are independent of personality and directly impact on the performance of teams. The feedback will enable you to focus on key areas for development and explore the different needs of your key stakeholder groups.

The Linking Leader exercise was a positive experience for me, which I continue to benefit from. It is very helpful to remind myself on difficult days that most of my team recognise that I care about them and our students and I am working hard to do the best job I can for them. Some of them regularly give me feedback since the linking leader exercise and I am much less worried now when I get suggestions that I haven’t got things quite right.

Belinda Cooke - Head of Subject - Carnegie School Of Sport


The Transformational Leadership Questionnaire measures engaging leadership behaviour and is based on extensive research in the HE sector.

The report raises awareness of leadership style and understanding the impact that style has on enhancing employee well-being and improving organisational effectiveness. Feedback focusses on a gap analysis from each respondent group for each behaviour and a more detailed look at the impact analysis from your direct reports. There is also a final section for free-text responses.

course director psychology

Tailored Development

Why not benefit from our professional expertise by inviting us in to create a tailored development plan for your team/area?

We can help you identify the strengths, challenges and opportunities for your team and then work with you to support your continued improvement on your development journey.

Find out more on our Tailored Development webpage.

Leadership Programmes

As leaders, it is essential to remain open to new ways of thinking, explore new experiences and acquire new skills.

Our Leadership Programmes provide a safe and challenging environment in which to do this. Learn alongside your peers with our expert speakers and facilitators. Build new relationships across the university and benefit from sessions that are tailored to address the specific challenges you face.

In the video, Joe Rossiter shares his recent experience of being on one of tailored Leadership Programmes.

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