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Pokémon Campus

We've seen a lot of visitors, staff and students on campus, phone in hand, in search of pokémon lately. It turns out our campuses are great places to hunt, catch and battle these elusive creatures, so we gathered pokémon experts from far and wide to put together a guide on how to be the very best (like no one ever was) pokémon trainer on campus.

Read on to find the locations of all the gyms and pokéstops at Headingley Campus, City Campus and Carnegie Pavilion. If you've caught or spotted any pokémon on campus, get in touch on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and we'll update our campus pokedex.

(Thanks to everyone who has offered locations suggestions so far including our Students' Union exec team who are very excited by the whole thing. If anyone has any more additions please let us know via one of the channels above.)

City Campus

Pokéstops (but no gyms unfortunately)

Pokemon stops around city campus
  • City 1 - Pokéstops
    • The Dry Dock
    • Danny plaque
    • Woodhouse Building
    • The Rose Bowl
    • Wildflowers at the Rose Bowl
  • City 2 - Pokéstops
    • Old Broadcasting House
    • Broadcasting Tower
    • Blenheim Church

Headingley Campus

Pokéstops and gyms

Pokestops on Headingley Campus
  • Headingley - Gym
    • James Graham Building
  • Headingley - Pokéstops
    • Fairfax Building
    • The Grange

Carnegie Pavillion

Pokéstops and gyms

Pokestops and gyms at Carnegie Pavillion
  • Pavilion & Stadium - Gym
    • Carnegie Stadium
  • Pavilion & Stadium - Pokéstops
    • Sir Leonard Hutton Gates
    • Indoor Cricket Centre
    • Headingley Rugby Ground Plaque
    • The Carnegie Stand

Our top tips

General Pokétips

These tips will help you get the most out of Pokémon GO whilst waiting for your next lecture or taking a well earned break in the library.

  1. You'll have probably collected a few eggs by now - these are hatched by walking the distance indicated on them. You get an Incubator with infinite uses when you start playing but you can get additional ones for levelling up your trainer or buying them in the shop. These additional incubators only have three uses each so you'll need to be smart about selecting which eggs to assign. The most logical method is to put all of your 2km eggs in your infinite incubator, and only use the additional incubators for the 5km eggs (or ideally the 10km eggs!). This will maximise the amount of eggs you can hatch simultaneously without running out of extra incubators.
  2. You can attack gyms with your friends to make them easier to beat - just make sure you all choose the same team at trainer level 5, and there doesn’t seem a way to change it yet.
  3. You may have seen an item called "Incense" - using this draws Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes. Unfortunately these only appear for you but it's a good way of catching pokemon without leaving your location.
  4. If you see a Pokéstop with some blossom animations around it, you should probably go and check it out! This happens when someone uses a "Lure Module" on a Pokéstop (done by clicking on the white bar just above the circle you spin at a Pokéstop) - this works a bit like Incense except everyone that goes there can benefit from the Pokémon that show up.
  5. Another great way to maximise the amount of Pokemon you can catch is to combine the use of "incense" at a Pokéstop that has a "Lure Module" active. It's only 30 minutes, but you'll end up with a lot of Pokémon if you do this!
  6. You unlock an item called "Razz Berry" when you reach trainer level 8 - this can be used to make the rarer Pokémon easier to catch. You will see the coloured circle around the Pokémon change colour after using one, so you'll know when it's worked.
  7. Everyone gets disappointed when their phone vibrates and it's just a Weedle or a Pidgey (of which you already have 100s!) but if you are looking to level up your trainer quickly, you'll want to hang onto them! It only takes 12 Weedle Candy to level it up into a Kakuna for example - and this gets you 500XP. If you combine that with a Lucky Egg (which gives you double XP for 30 minutes) you will fly through the levels!
  8. Wifi is your friend! As well as draining your battery, Pokémon Go can rattle through your data allowance as well. When you're out and about make sure you join every free wifi network you can - that way you can keep your data costs down to a minimum. This is an especially good idea if you're going to sit in a bar for a few hours and drop a lure! Free Wifi is not only only available in many bars, cafes and restaurants these days but also in shops, museums, train stations and even some buses! If you're a student on campus then make sure you connect to Eduroam which is free and gives excellent coverage, even outdoors.

Pokémon on the move

Playing Pokemon Go whilst travelling between campuses is a great way to make public transport a little more enjoyable. Here are a few tips to get the most out of the app in-between your work / studying:

  1. Pokéstops are a great source for stocking up on Pokéballs, Potions and Revives. Sometimes you'll see a cluster Pokéstops in close proximity to each other and the bus / train will be going a little too fast to get them all. One little-known tip for this is that after clicking on the Pokéstop and spinning the circle, you don’t actually have to pop each item bubble - just exit out of the Pokéstop screen and all of the items will collect automatically. Using this method might free up a few valuable seconds and ensure that you don't miss out on any stops during your commute.
  2. You have to be really focussed to catch Pokémon whilst on public transport as quite often, one will spawn a little late and by the time you have spun the map round to try and catch it... you'll go out of range and you'll miss your chance. To make this much easier, pinch to zoom the map out as far as possible and instead of making it face the way you are travelling, do the opposite and look behind you. The viewing angle allows you to see a lot more of the map so any Pokémon that spawn in front of you, can easily be caught as you pass by them.

Catching in style

By now, you will no doubt be familiar with the simple mechanics of catching a Pokémon... but why settle for that when you can earn extra XP and look cool at the same time?!

  1. The coloured ring around a Pokémon indicates the difficulty of catching it, here's what the colours mean: Green = Easy, Yellow = Medium, Red = Hard.
  2. The coloured circle changes size as you press and hold on your Pokéball, the smaller it gets the less chance the Pokémon has of breaking out of the Pokéball, but the smaller it is, the harder it is to hit the target circle.
  3. You can earn bonus XP by hitting the pokemon right in the centre of the coloured circle: if you hit the dead centre of the circle a "Great" message pop up (awarding you a bonus of 50XP), if you hit slightly off centre but still in the circle a "Nice" message will pop up (awarding you a bonus of 10XP).
  4. If you press and hold on the Pokéball then spin in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction before throwing, you will add some curve to it and also gain a bonus of 10XP. Try combining this with an accurate throw, and there’s a chance to get a bonus of 150XP.

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