Contribution of food environment to obesity in England

Challenge And approach

This doctoral research will explore the actual activity-based food environment and its contribution to obesity taking into consideration exposures to multiple context in time and space at an individual level.

The research will involve triangulation of data on individual choice, consumption and weight status using different novel methods such as geographic positioning system (GPS), 24hour recalls using Myfood24 and receipt collection of all food purchases.

A short questionnaire will also be administered to participants to collect data on their sociodemographic and socioeconomic status. Additionally, participants will have their weight and height measured to determine their weight status. 

Intended Impact

This research is expected to shade light on the patterns within and between individuals’ activity-based food environment and the links between food environment and individual weight status. The findings of this research will be useful in informing practice, interventions and policy targeting food environment to curb obesity in England and beyond as well as contributing to a body of knowledge.

Public Health England, Leeds City Council

Public Health England