UK Soft Drink Industry Levy

The Challenge

The UK Soft Drink Industry Levy (SDIL) came into effect in April 2018. This PhD project aims to examine public opinions and responses to the SDIL, as well as investigate how the policy was framed and communicated in the media.

The Approach

Opinions, responses and media communication will be captured in three ways. Firstly, expected and self-reported responses will be assessed via a three phase online questionnaire, developed using the software platform, QualtricsTM. Participants were invited to complete the questionnaire at both pre and post SDIL. Secondly, concerns and opinions will be assessed via a combined comment and newspaper frame analysis. And finally, an investigation of purchase data pre- and post- SDIL will look into actual consumer responses to the SDIL. Longer term purchase changes as a result of the SDIL may also be modelled. 

Patient and public involvement

The public were invited to take part in the online questionnaire. In addition, public comments will be assessed in the comment analysis. Finally, public purchase data may be used to assess consumer consumption and purchase responses to the SDIL.

The IMpact

Results of the PhD may help to improve public responses and health outcomes to the SDIL, as well as provide research evidence that could be used to aid other countries where SDIL are being implemented.
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