Contribution of food environment to obesity in England

The Challenge

The “Suffolk Against Sizeism” (SAS) campaign, occurred in Autumn 2017 and was intended to reduce weight stigma.

The  Approach

This study aims to examine the impact of the SAS campaign by inviting participants to complete a questionnaire at both pre and post campaign.

The questionnaire examines weight stigma attitudes, controllability beliefs about obesity and public support for legislative action to prohibit discrimination towards people with obesity. The data gathered will provide information about adults’ attitudes and beliefs relating to obesity and legislative protection for people with obesity, and whether these perceptions have changed from baseline to post campaign.

Another element of the project was to deliver a range of public engagement and awareness raising activities across Suffolk. These activities targeted in particular local media, workplaces, healthcare settings and education centres. Guidelines for reducing weight stigma across these four settings have been developed and used as part of the workshops. 

  • Patient and public involvement - Patients and public have been involved in the development of the public engagement and awareness raising activities, and are contributing to their evolution. Participant evaluations of the workshops and guidelines to reduce weight stigma will be used to refine these activities and materials.

The Impact

Evaluations of these activities have been collated and will be assessed for their impact on awareness raising and weight stigma attitudes. Evaluations will also be used to refine these activities and materials to be used in the future projects in this area.
Suffolk County Council, OneLife Suffolk