Prison research network (prison)

Established in 2014 by programme leads Helen Nichols and Bill Davies, criminology lecturers and prison researchers within the University’s Centre for Applied Social Research, The Prison Research Network (PRisoN) aims to bridge the gap between previously separate academic disciplines to create a central hub of knowledge and support. As well as this, it aims to offer advice and guidance to users within the criminal justice system, alongside developing continued professional development opportunities for workers within the system.

The Research Community

Members of the network are a mix of academic and non-academic professionals with an interest in the prison and its wider impact on society.

The network has active members from across Leeds Beckett University and includes the following subject areas: sport science, physiotherapy, health promotion, speech and language therapy, architecture, history, law, playwork, criminology, sociology and psychology. The network also includes members from the NHS and the Prison Service, along with local prisoner-based charities and other national charities with a vested interest in penal reform.