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Spaces of Stigma; Spaces of Privilege, 2021


Spaces of Stigma; Spaces of Privilege, 2021

The Challenge

Space and place are often overlooked in the production of both stigma and privilege, yet urban ‘hell-holes’, model towns, architectural ruins, domestic residences and idealised rural landscapes shape the imagination and experience of inequality and advantage. This project developed out of British Academy-funded research that investigates the representation of space and place in British Factual Welfare Television (FWT), or documentaries that portray the residences and local areas of benefits claimants (Raisborough, Taylor and Harrison, British Academy Small Grant SRG181R1/10914). In this online interdisciplinary multimedia project, we extend the focus of the original research to address space and place across different contexts, landscapes and historical periods.

The Approach 

Spaces of Stigma; Spaces of Privilege is an online multimedia project that brings together scholars and artists from diverse academic fields working on the significances of space and place in a variety of contexts. Originally envisaged as a conventional conference, the Covid-19 pandemic forced a reassessment of the spaces of academic collaboration and research dissemination that engendered this site: a digital collation of distinctive responses to the question of how space and place shape experiences of inequality and advantage.

The Impact

Research on spaces of stigma and privilege has the potential to make us think anew about the places we live in, how we traverse them and the spatial dimensions of inequality and advantage. This online project creates critical space for consideration of space and place and stands as an open-access repository of resources for researchers, students, teachers and members of the public.


This project was funded by a British Academy Small Grant (SRG181R1/10914). The organisers also wish to thank Shelly Dulson for Research Assistance and Eva Jew for art and animation.

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