practices of writing

'Practices of Writing’ focuses on using the practice of writing (both academic and creative) as a way of exploring and understanding our communities, our culture and our world. 

We are also concerned with the writing process itself, and with critical reflections on writing, such as considerations of the relationship between form and content.

Some contributing members write poetry, fiction, drama and non-fiction; some are engaged in creating performance and hybrid and interdisciplinary forms of writing; others are interested in life writing - both its practice and theorisation.

Across the strand, several members are engaged with the critical use of life writings as a central part of their research; this includes the use of letters, diaries, personal testimonies and autobiographies. We are interested in the methodological issues associated with the use of these writings, a consideration of the boundaries between fact and fiction and the ways in which these discourses might amplify each other. Our concern is both to interrogate what happens in the process of writing and to disseminate our work across a variety of audiences. The strand acts as a focus for exploring the latest developments in our own and others’ research on writing and creative practice in its many forms.

Our aim is to encourage creative collaboration both within and outside our university. As part of that commitment, we play an active part in supporting live events in conjunction with our many cultural partners.