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Night Divides the Day

Night Divides the Day Simon Morris

The music is Lillibullero whistled by Patrick Wildgust, the curator of the Laurence Sterne Museum. Tristram's uncle, Captain Toby Shandy, a British Army veteran of the fighting in Ireland and the Low Countries during King William's reign, whistles the tune to Lillibullero when he is offered any opinion or argument which would require passionate rebuttal or which he considers particularly silly. The action takes inspiration from the work of Lucio Fontana, Gustav Metzger and Saburo Murakami.

Professor Simon Morris

Director of Research / Leeds School Of Arts

Simon Morris’ research appears in the form of exhibitions, publications, installations, films, actions and texts which all revolve around the form of the book and often involve collaborations with people from the fields of art, creative technology, literature and psychoanalysis.