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Marion Harrison


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7 - 25 October 2015, Project Radio at &Model, Leeds, UK

Radio, Political, Sound


Project Radio (2015, Leeds, UK), a collaborative project by Marion Harrison & Sophie Mallett intersected the elds of sound art, curation, artist’s radio and new media. The new research insight offered by Project Radio was its exploration of the political and collaborative scope of sound art and radio. Innovatively, Project Radio included potential audience participation by broadcasting from the gallery during opening times and through workshops open to the public. It was an exhibition coinciding with the British Art Show 8 in Leeds and featured as a “stop” along the Leeds Art Crawl (2015). Listeners could interact online through the Project Radio website and social media accounts; using new media to participate with the project.

“The idea was to create a somewhere that could be the perfect home for our work and interests. I work with sound and radio in collaborative ways but neither the gallery nor the radio studio are really that open to this way of working. We wanted to experiment with a format that could embrace all the elements of our work, and invite artists and groups to explore the opportunity too.” — Sophie Mallett

The project used the gallery space as a radio broadcasting station, exhibition, residency and workshop site simultaneously, transmitting a programme of sound, radio and performance art using digital radio. Project Radio worked with over 50 artists, 40+ non artists/groups and made over 50 hours of radio, averaging 163 listens per day, and was accessible as an exhibition at &Model, Leeds, UK. The project continues to be accessible online via Mix Cloud and has had 3,934 listens to date. 

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Taking place throughout the month of October at &Model Gallery in Leeds, Project Radio, developed by curator Marion Harrison and artist Sophie Mallett, experimented with the potential of artist’s radio… For organisers Harrison and Mallet it was important that there be a trigger accompanying the broadcasts which could serve as an invitation to the potential listener to participate.

Lauren Velvick Art Monthly

We really enjoyed our participation, and thought the setting was really welcoming, and made us think that it would be amazing to have such a project on a longer term, that is, to be able to share the experience of making and broadcasting as part of something that the public could do, similairly as one goes to a gallery

Antonio Contador and Carla Cruz Artists

Funding credits

Funded by Arts Council England, Leeds Inspired Grant Award and East Street Arts