unsung horrors 


  • Price:£40
  • Year of publication: 2015
  • Edition Size: Large
  • Binding: Softback
  • Pages: 400

We Belong Dead has produced a stunningly illustrated homage to all those horror films, TV series, radio plays, games, comics and much more that terrified many generations of youngsters into liking, and then loving all things horror.

The book has over one hundred articles. Each one has been written to focus on a particular aspect of what frightened the writer during their childhood. There are articles on long forgotten horror films and their stars. There are interviews with horror fans and stars alike. Each chapter is lavishly illustrated, and is a genuine work of pure love from each contributor.

Steve contributed a chapter to this – and three others to the up-coming sequel, tentatively titled Son of Unsung Horrors – which examined the film, Les Raisins de Mort (aka the hemorrhoid-inducing British title, The Grapes of Death) directed by French surrealist horror and soft-core pornography director, Jean Rollin. Steve argues that the film, despite its daft title, was not only France’s first gorefest, but was also a lyrical, beautifully filmed exercise in love, death and everything zombie that lies between.

The whole book is a beautifully crafted, exquisitely produced ode to those films which are forgotten about in today’s climate of listless sequels and gore-sodden remakes.