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 Dr George Lodorfos 

Professor George Lodorfos

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A Paradigm Shift for Businesses: Leveraging Organisational Change as a Driver for Sustainable Growth and Innovation

Organisations face different development paths, responding differently to paradigm shifts and making different strategic choices (Walsh and Lodorfos, 2002). Sixteen years on from publication of his co-authored 2002 report, Professor George Lodorfos believes there are some emerging patterns of innovation (Parmar et al, 2014) and business models that are consistent and recognisable. According to Silva and De Serio (2016), such changes and choices can be analysed from the perspective of innovation waves, which are responsible for changing the structure of industries and the competition.

From George’s experience, market trends and competitors’ strategies are also driving forces for change or specific choices. The research on businesses’ organisational choices in response to different endogenous and or exogenous factors is still inconclusive and does not provide a model that organisations seeking sustainable growth could follow (Rahman, Uddin and Lodorfos, 2017; Hennart and Slangen, 2015).



Background: Professor George Lodorfos is the Dean of Leeds Business School at Leeds Beckett University. He has 16 years’ experience as a senior academic in the fields of entrepreneurship and the strategic management of technology and innovation. He has extensive practical, academic and supervisory experience in the fields of Strategic Management, Research & Development and Adoption of New Technologies and Innovation. As Dean, he leads Leeds Business School, supervises doctoral students and continues to write for publication. George’s research interests are primarily in the areas of enterprise, innovation, organisational change and consumer behaviour. In addition, he has particular interest in the factors contributing to the sustainable growth of businesses.

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