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 Psychological wellbeing benefits of outdoor residential experiences with Carnegie Great Outdoors.

Ageing and riding - an investigation of riding identities and experiences in people over 50 in the UK and Sweden. With Linkoping University, Sweden.
Experiences of students attending a L4 university residential. A mixed methods research design exploring the i) expectations and; ii) immediate and long term impact of participation in a remote residential programme.
 Paintball as a Sport (UKPSF): A research project for the UK Paintball Sports Federation, documenting the physical demands of paintball and impact of participation on health and wellbeing. Acute effects of anti-oxidant supplementation on physiological parameters during acute hypoxia: Investigating whether providing anti-oxidant supplements can limit symptoms of acute mountain sickness among visitors to high altitude environments.
The role of internet connectivity for students attending a remote outdoor residential programme. A multi-method research design exploring the impact of limited internet connectivity on L4 university students attending a 4-day outdoor programme. 
 Ecological psychology as a theoretical framework for health and wellbeing. Physiological effects of ultra-endurance events among recreational athletes: Investigating the acute effects of multi-day continuous activities (i.e. ultra-marathons or cycling >1000km) on aspects of cardiac structure and function, inflammation, oxidative stress and their associations with climate exposure, hydration and nutrition.
Evaluation of Adventure Beyond Barriers Foundation. A mixed methods research design exploring the impact and long term impact of adapted sport on individuals with a disability in India.
 Endurance riding in the UK and Australia - a collaborative project exploring long-distance endurance riding and participants' experiences of space, place and environment. With University of Newcastle, Australia. Health benefits of habitual participation in park-runs: Investigating the long-term health benefits (i.e. cardiovascular health, inflammation, body composition, psychological wellbeing) of the “one run per week”.
Mental health benefits of adventurous physical activity- PhD projects investigating the benefits of activities such as parkour and trail endurance running.
 Experiencing Iceland through the Icelandic horse - a consideration of the ways in which Iceland, as a tourism destination, is constructed and marketed through the Icelandic horse and associated events and festivals. The Royal British Legion - evaluation of the BattleBack Centre adventure intervention for long term wellbeing.
Mental and physical health and wellbeing implications of urban and near urban nature experiences.

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