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Health and wellbeing

  • Green exercise and health and wellbeing
  • Designing urban environment for health and wellbeing
  • Nature as an intervention for health and wellbeing
  • The link between conservation, sustainable practices and health and wellbeing
  • Forest school and other specific activities and wellbeing
  • BattleBack and other therapy interventions for mental and physical health
  • Psychological interventions and nature

Sustainability and conservation

  • Enhancing biodiversities in urban areas
  • Biodiversity and health and wellbeing of planet and people
  • Design
  • Tourism and wildlife
  • Urban and indoor design
  • Tourism, sense of place and identity
  • Sustainable diets

Education, facilitation and learning

  • Leadership development through and in the outdoors
  • The impact of nature activities and residential experiences on academic development
  • Developing effective facilitation for outdoor facilitators
  • Forest school and wellbeing / academic / lifelong learning
  • Cultural/ ethnic considerations in outdoor studies


  • Performance in extreme environments
  • Expedition leadership
  • Recreational mastery/ coaching
  • Extreme sports
  • Understanding physiological and psychological aspect of performance 
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