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Centre for Biomedical Science Research


The Centre for Biomedical Science Research consists of a diverse group of biomedical researchers working in areas relating to human disease and wellbeing. Expertise within the group covers a broad range of disciplines including molecular biology, yeast genetics, biochemistry and biophysics, virology, microbiology and antimicrobials, toxicology, and DNA repair. Principal investigators in the group have a wide network of well-established collaborations with researchers in China, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and the USA, amongst others.

Contact Details

Director: Professor Gary Jones
Email: gary.jones@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0)113 812 23764

Key research areas within the Centre for Biomedical Science Research include:

  • Heat shock proteins in stress and disease.
  • Fungal biology and biotechnology.
  • Membrane proteins.
  • Pain research and pain management.
  • Electrochemistry.
  • New strategies to combat amyloid diseases.
  • Toxicology.
  • Development of new antimicrobials.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • RNA Viruses.
  • Gene expression in cancer.

Representative publications from the biomedical group since 2012

Plus Icon Publications
Centre members are marked in bold.


Lee SC, Knowles TJ, Postis VL, Jamshad M, Parslow RA, Lin YP, Goldman A, Sridhar P, Overduin M, Muench SP, Dafforn TR (2016) A method for detergent-free isolation of membrane proteins in their local lipid environment. Nature Protocols. (7):1149-62.


Nigam S, Burke BP, Davies LH, Domarkas J, Wallis JF, Waddell PG, Waby JS, Benoit DM, Seymour AM, Cawthorne C, Higham LJ, Archibald SJ (2016)  Structurally optimised BODIPY derivatives for imaging of mitochondrial dysfunction in cancer and heart cells. Chemical Communications (Camb). 52 (44):7114-7.


de Marcos Lousa C, Soubeyrand E, Bolognese P, Wattelet-Boyer V, Bouyssou G, Marais C, Boutté Y, Filippini F, Moreau P (2016) Subcellular localization and trafficking of phytolongins (non-SNARE longins) in the plant secretory pathway. Journal of Experimental Botany. pii: erw094


Manzanares-Miralles L, O. Sakira-Bayran, E. B. Smith, S. K. Dolan, O. Bayram, G. W. Jones and S. Doyle (2016) Quantitative proteomics reveals the mechanism and consequence of gliotoxin-mediated dysregulation of the methionine cycle in Aspergillus niger. Journal of Proteomics. 10(131): 149-162.


Smith E, S. K. Dolan, D. A. Fitzpatrick, S. Doyle and G. W. Jones (2016) Towards understanding the gliotoxin detoxification mechanism: in vivo conversion of gliotoxin to bis-methylgliotoxin protects yeast from cytotoxicity. Microbial Cell 3(3): 120-125.


Ma C, Hao Z, Huysmans G, Lesiuk A, Bullough P, Wang Y, Bartlam M, Phillips S.E, Young J.D, Goldman A, Baldwin S.A, Postis V.L (2015) A Versatile Strategy for Production of Membrane Proteins with Diverse Topologies: Application to Investigation of Bacterial Homologues of Human Divalent Metal Ion and Nucleoside Transporters. PLoS One. Nov 25;10(11):e0143010.


Rayamajhi A, Nightingale S, Bhatta N.K, Singh R, Kneen R, Ledger E, Bista K.P, Lewthwaite P, Mahaseth C, Turtle L, Robinson J.S, Galbraith S.E, Wnek M, Johnson B.W, Faragher B, Griffiths M.J, Solomon T (2015) A preliminary randomized double blind placebo-controlled trial of intravenous immunoglobulin for Japanese encephalitis in Nepal. PLoS One. Apr 17;10(4):e0122608.


Mackenzie-Impoinvil L, Impoinvil D.E, Galbraith S.E, Dillon R.J, Ranson H, Johnson N, Fooks A.R, Solomon T, Baylis M (2015) Evaluation of a temperate climate mosquito, Ochlerotatus detritus (=Aedes detritus), as a potential vector of Japanese encephalitis virus. Med Vet Entomol. 2015 Mar;29(1):1-9.


Wang N, J. He, A. Chang, Y. Wang, L. Xu, X. Chong, L. Hui, B. Zhang, Y. Song, G. W. Jones (2015) (-)- Epigallocatechin-3-gallate Inhibits Fibrillogenesis of Chicken Cystatin. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 63(5): 1347-1351.


Evans CA, Rosser R, Waby J.S, Noirel J, Lai D, Wright PC, Williams E.A, Riley S.A, Bury J.P, Corfe B.M (2015) Reduced keratin expression in colorectal neoplasia and associated fields is reversible by diet and resection. BMJ Open Gastroenterol, Apr 17;2(1):e000022.


De Marco M, Clough P.J, Dyer C.E, Vince R.V, Waby J.S, Midgley A.W, Venneri A (2015) Apolipoprotein E ε4 allele modulates the immediate impact of acute exercise on prefrontal function. Behav Genet. Jan;45(1):106-16.


Chilumuri A, Markiv A, Milton N.G (2014) Immunocytochemical staining of endogenous nuclear proteins with the HIS-1 anti-poly-histidine monoclonal antibody: a potential source of error in His-tagged protein detection. Acta Histochem. Jul;116(6):1022-8.


Matar H, Larner J, Kansagra S, Atkinson K.L, Skamarauskas J.T, Amlot R, Chilcott R.P (2014) Design and characterisation of a novel in vitro skin diffusion cell system for assessing mass casualty decontamination systems. Toxicol In Vitro. Jun;28(4):492-501.


Skamarauskas JT, Oakley F, Smith FE, Bawn C, Dunn M, Vidler DS, Clemence M, Blain PG, Taylor R, Gamcsik MP, Thelwall PE (2014) Noninvasive in vivo magnetic resonance measures of glutathione synthesis in human and rat liver as an oxidative stress biomarker. Hepatology. Jun;59(6):2321-30.


Leal-Junior E.C, de Almeida P, Tomazoni S.S, de Carvalho Pde T, Lopes-Martins R.Á, Frigo L, Joensen J, Johnson M.I, Bjordal J.M (2014) Superpulsed low-level laser therapy protects skeletal muscle of mdx mice against damage, inflammation and morphological changes delaying dystrophy progression. PLoS One. Mar 5;9(3):e89453.


Hasin, N, S. A. Cusack, S. H. Ali, D. A. Fitzpatrick, G. W. Jones (2014) Global transcript and phenotypic analysis of yeast cells expressing Ssa1, Ssa2, Ssa3 or Ssa4 as sole source of cytosolic Hsp70-Ssa chaperone activity. BMC Genomics March14;15:194. DOI 10.1186/1471-2164-15-194.


Chilumuri A, Odell M, Milton N.G (2013) Benzothiazole aniline tetra(ethylene glycol) and 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole inhibit neuroprotection against amyloid peptides by catalase overexpression in vitro. ACS Chem Neurosci. Nov 20;4(11):1501-12.


Chilumuri A, Ashioti M, Nercessian A.N, Milton N.G (2013) Immunolocalization of Kisspeptin Associated with Amyloid-β Deposits in the Pons of an Alzheimer's Disease Patient. J Neurodegener Dis.;2013:879710.


De Marcos Lousa C, van Roermund C.W, Postis V.L, Dietrich D, Kerr I.D, Wanders RJ., Baldwin S.A, Baker A, Theodoulou F.L (2013) Intrinsic acyl-CoA thioesterase activity of a peroxisomal ATP binding cassette transporter is required for transport and metabolism of fatty acids. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Jan 22;110(4):1279-84.


Vaziri H, Baldwin S.A, Baldwin J.M, Adams D.G, Young J.D, Postis V.L (2013) Use of molecular modelling to probe the mechanism of the nucleoside transporter NupG. Mol Membr Biol. Mar;30(2):114-28.


Johnson D, Walmsley R (2013) Histone-deacetylase inhibitors produce positive results in the GADD45a-GFP GreenScreen HC assay. Mutat Res. Mar 18;751(2):96-100.


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Sibanda, S., Akeel, A., Martin, S.W., Paterson, A.W., Edge, R., Al-Assaf, S. & Parsons, B.J. (2013) Efficiencies of fragmentation of glycosaminoglycan chloramides of the extracellular matrix by oxidizing and reducing radicals: potential site-specific targets in inflammation?  Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 65: 280-290.


Akeel A., Sibanda S., Martin S.W., Paterson A.W., & Parsons B.J. (2013)

Chlorination and oxidation of heparin and hyaluronan by hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite anions: effect of sulfate groups on reaction pathways and kinetics.

Free Radical Biology and Medicine56:72-88.


Sibanda S., Parsons B.J., Houee-Levin C., Marignier J.L., Paterson A.W., & Heyes D.J. (2013) One-electron oxidation and reduction of glycosaminoglycan chloramides: a kinetic study.  Free Radical Biology and Medicine 63: 126-134.


Parsons B.J., Sibanda S., Heyes D.J., & Paterson A.W. (2013)

Reaction of superoxide radicals with glycosaminoglycan chloramides: a kinetic study.

Free Radical Biology and Medicine.  61C:111-118.


Alabas O.A, Tashani O.A, Johnson M.I (2013) Effects of ethnicity and gender role expectations of pain on experimental pain: a cross-cultural study. Eur J Pain. May;17(5):776-86.


Xu L, N. Hasin, M. Shen, J. He, Y. Wang, S. Perrett, Y. Song and G. W. Jones (2013) Using steered molecular dynamics to predict and assess Hsp70 substrate- binding domain mutants that alter prion propagation. PLOS Computational Biology 9(1): e1002896.


Truman A. W, K. Kristjansdottir, D. Wolfgeher, N. Hasin, S. Polier, H. Zhang, S. Perrett, C. Prodromou, G. W. Jones and S. J. Kron (2012) CDK- dependent Hsp70 phosphorylation controls G1 cyclin abundance and cell cycle progression. Cell 151: 1308-1318. Recommended as “New Finding” by Faculty of 1000.


Huysmans G.H, Chan N, Baldwin J.M, Postis V.L, Tzokov S.B, Deacon S.E, Yao S.Y, Young J.D, McPherson M.J, Bullough P.A, Baldwin S.A (2012) A urea channel from Bacillus cereus reveals a novel hexameric structure. Biochem J. Jul 15;445(2):157-66.


Sabir T, Toulmin A, Ma L, Jones A.C, McGlynn P, Schröder G.F, Magennis S.W (2012) Branchpoint expansion in a fully complementary three-way DNA junction.

J Am Chem Soc. Apr 11;134(14):6280-5.


Kilner J, Waby J.S, Chowdry J, Khan A.Q, Noirel J, Wright P.C, Corfe B.M, Evans C.A (2012) A proteomic analysis of differential cellular responses to the short-chain fatty acids butyrate, valerate and propionate in colon epithelial cancer cells. Mol Biosyst. Apr;8(4):1146-56.

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