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Centre for Psychological Research (PsyCen)

Centre for Psychological Research PsyCen

The Centre for Psychological Research (PsyCen) is devoted to achieving the objectives and meeting the research needs that are specific to the REF2021-Unit 4 submission (Psychology, Psychiatry, Neuroscience) which is in line with the current university strategy to shape each School’s research activities to be guided by the larger framework of the REF strategy in terms of output, infrastructure, environment and impact.

The programmes within PsyCen are:

Cognition & Behaviour - Programme Leads: Zoe Kolokotroni & Andrew Wilson

Gender, Identity & Sexuality – Programme Leads: Katy Day & Tamara Turner-Moore

Health and Clinical Psychology - Programme Lead: Laura Ashley & Katie Dhingra

Speech and Language – Programme Leads: Anne Hurren & Cecilia Devers

Organisational Behaviour: PASH (Psychology Applied to Safety & Health) – Programme Leads: Jim Morgan & Matteo Curcuruto

PsyCen has an initiative which is relevant in terms of research environment:

Early Career Research Network (ECRN) - Coordinator: Glen Janowski

Director of PsyCen: Anna Abraham

Unit 4 Ref Director: Brendan Gough

PsyCen Administrator: Cat Brooke

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