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Inside Out Lecture Series

The INSIDE/OUT series offers historical, theoretical and critical analyses of the art, architecture and design. Find Out More


Jan 22

Blubilds in Edgeland Spaces

An exhibition of drawing that lifts the lines off the page into gesture, action, cuts and folds. Drawing from static plans, diagrams, blueprints blubilds work with contradictory forces of organised linear and action drawings. The exhibition includes installation, films, documentation and drawings that contribute to the development of blubilds.

IO Derek Beaulieu
Mar 14

INSIDE/OUT: Derek Beaulieu

As part of the INSIDE/OUT lecture series Derek Beaulieu delivers his talk, Making Nothing from Nothing.

IO Brian Dettmer
Mar 21

INSIDE/OUT: Brian Dettmer

As part of the INSIDE/OUT lecture series Brian Dettmer discusses his art, the ideas that inform his work and the processes that tie into his philosophy, through a series of images.

IO Matty Bovan
Apr 11

INSIDE/OUT: Matty Bovan

As part of the INSIDE/OUT lecture series Matty Bovan discusses his life and work in fashion.

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