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Baron Gaule

MPhil: Reuse of thermally desorbed soil

Baron Gaule

Baron Gaule had been funded by his employer, Leeds City Council, to undertake the BSc(Hons) Construction Management on a part-time basis. Baron, aged 52, found that the course enhanced his construction knowledge and taught him new techniques including the use of project management software and AutoCAD which he could apply back at work in the planning of projects. As part of his job for Leeds City Council, Baron had been tasked with the important job of changing the water tanks at Leeds Civic Hall which were over 100 years old and had health and safety issues and failed to meet current regulations. Baron found that the knowledge he had learnt at Leeds Beckett was invaluable in making him aware of current regulations and what was required.

It was his success in his dissertation on materials that inspired Baron to self fund an MPhil after the completion of his honours degree. Continuing on an MPhil has allowed Baron to explore and develop the ideas from his dissertation and lead in the research of reusing of thermally desorbed soil. "I chose to undertake a MPhil at Leeds Met because I knew I would receive excellent support from academic staff including Dr Martin Pritchard and Dr Pav Bingel; both were easy to contact and available for help and advice."

Along with the support from academic staff, Baron has high praise for the facilities that Leeds Beckett offers including the online X-stream system which means that learning resources are all in one place. Leeds Beckett has made significant investment in research facilities including the laboratories at Unit 3 and Northern Terrace to support research.

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