Women and the built environment


Women & the Built Environment research cluster is a multidisciplinary group bringing together researchers who share an interest in the theme of women and built space in a historical and contemporary context. This includes:

  • Women’s relationship with buildings, the broader built environment and the city
  • Women as designers / planners / builders / clients
  • Spaces inhabited by women, designed for them and adopted by them, both the occasional and the everyday
  • Women and built environment education
  • Researching with feminist perspectives and methodologies

Women & the Built Environment is an active network of researchers from the School of the Built Environment and schools and services across Leeds Beckett University.

Current activity

Current research includes:

  • Women undergraduate students’ experience of international urban fieldtrips. This research considers the experiences, cultures and narratives of undergraduate Human Geography, Planning and Housing students on the fieldtrips that form part of their courses. (Dr Bronwen Edwards and Dr Karen Horwood)
  • Women and Planning Policy This research examines the extent to which women’s needs are considered (or not) when formulating planning policy in the UK.  (Dr Karen Horwood)
  • Women as planners This research captures the voices of women working in planning, in both academia and practice, from historical and contemporary perspectives. (Dr Karen Horwood) 

More Information

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