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Professor Jiamei Deng

Professor Jiamei Deng
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Professor Jiamei Deng


School Of Built Environment, Engineering And Computing

0113 81 27627

About Professor Jiamei Deng

Professor Jiamei Deng obtained her PhD degree in Reading University on Dec. 2005, where she was engaged in an EPSRC-funded project, which provided her solid knowledge of big data analysis, machine learning, analytics and control system design. She is currently a Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Energy at Leeds Beckett University. 

As PI/Co-PI, Professor Deng's research has been supported by EPSRC, Royal Academy of Engineering, TSB, Caterpillar Inc. She holds two European patents. She is the sole author of one monograph, the main author of three book chapters, and has more than 70 published papers in prestigious journals and international conferences. 

Research Interests

 Control system design, modelling, artificial intelligence, power plant safety. 

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