acoustics, environmental health and health and safety

Courses and consultancy in the areas of acoustics, environmental health and health and safety

Failure to manage any of these areas appropriately poses a risk to the health of both individuals and the general public, and there is a great need for professionals who have the qualities and skills to motivate and influence people at all levels within organisations to exercise their duty of care.

All our substantive and some of our CPD courses are accredited by either the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health or the Institute of Acoustics, and those teaching them are recognised as professionals within their respective areas. We can also offer bespoke CPD courses which can carry university credit if desired. 

We are also engaged in work with a number of external partners including the Defence College of Healthcare Education and Training with whom we deliver a CIEH-accredited degree in Environmental Health, and partner colleges in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mauritius where we are rolling out franchise delivery of our health and safety courses.


Other activities include an innovative approach to environmental health consultancy services, which seeks to involve students in helping to deliver projects thereby providing them with valuable opportunities for work experience which may help to meet their professional training requirements, e.g. for those wishing to become Registered Environmental Health Practitioners.

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate courses


  1. We have excellent facilities to support our activities including a dedicated Acoustics Facility which includes a Reverberation Room, an Anechoic Chamber and a Hearing Test Booth, and a Food Inspection Laboratory. Our students also work in the Multidisciplinary Laboratories, and occasionally in the Food and Nutrition Laboratory.

Our people

Our staff are active within their various professions. Mark Hodgson is serving as a representative for the Yorkshire and Humber Region on the CIEH Assembly. Hayley Robinson-Mitchell is responsible for running courses in practical food inspection which meet the CIEH requirements and are highly acclaimed.