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'Eastern European 'Show Trials' of the 1950s: the Slansky Case'

'Eastern European 'Show Trials' of the 1950s: the Slansky Case'

Dr Kelly Hignett, Senior Lecturer in History, Leeds Beckett University

New evidence and insights from previously closed archives about the Slansky trial, one of the best-known political show trials in 1950s Czechoslovakia, have recently become available. This talk discussed how knowledge and understanding of the Slansky trial evolved as a result. How did family members of the victims experience the trial on both a personal and a public level? What can we learn from media reactions to the Slansky case? What was the longer-term impact of the trial and to what extent did those affected later achieve rehabilitation, redress and retrospective justice?

This event included a dramatisation of part of the trial.

This event was part of the 'Leeds Cultural Conversations' series, presented by Leeds Beckett University and Leeds City Council. 'Leeds Cultural Conversations' are a series of monthly talks programmes by the Centre for Culture & the Arts at Leeds Beckett University.

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