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Our Criminal Past Events

Plus Icon 31 January 2014
Our Criminal Past: Representing Penal Histories: Displaying and Narrating the Criminal Past Third AHRC network event, Galleries of Justice, Nottingham, 31 January 2014.

Welcome (Helen Johnston)

Session 1, Displaying Our Penal Heritage (chair Vivien Miller).
Bev Baker (Galleries of Justice), Presenting Prison History at the Galleries of Justice Museum.
Lisa Price (Oxford Gaol), The Interpretation of Oxford Castle Prison: Can the Public and Private Sectors be Partners in Crime?
Ceri Williams (Beaumaris Gaol), The Interpretation of Llofruddiaeth: 19th Century Crime and Punishment in a North Wales Prison.

Session 2, Punishment and Penalty: New Directions  (chair Heather Shore).
Barry Godfrey (Liverpool University), Conceiving The Digital Panopticon.
Richard Ward (Leicester University), Investigating and Displaying the Penal History of the Criminal Corpse.

Session 3, Representing and Presenting Penal and Policing Histories (chair Dave Cox).
Alyson Brown and Alana Barton (Edgehill University), Prison Tourism: History and Representation.
Ian O’ Donnell (University College Dublin), Punishment and Prisons: Notes from the Irish Front.
Beth Wilburn (Open University), Narrating ‘Our Criminal Past’ at Greater Manchester Police Museum in the Context of the UK Government-funded Tackling Knives Action Programme 2009-2011.

Session 4, Roundtable Discussion (chair Chris Williams).
Judith Rowbotham (Solon), Jamie Bennett (Grendon Prison), Christopher Stacey (Unlock).


Plus Icon 6 September 2013
Our Criminal Past: Educating Historians of Crime: Classroom, Archive, Community.
Second AHRC network event at Broadcasting Place, Leeds Beckett University, 6 September 2013

Session 1, Digital and Media Resources for the History of Crime.
Louise Jackson (Edinburgh University), Crime on Film: Using Visual Sources in the Classroom.
Andrew Davies (Liverpool University), Digital Histories of Crime and Research-Led Teaching.

Session 2, Student Participation in Crime History.
Drew Gray (Northampton University), Putting Undergraduates on Trial: Using the Old Bailey Online in teaching and assessment.
Helen Rogers and Zoe Alker (Liverpool John Moores University), Blogging Beyond the Classroom.

Session 3, Archives, Heritage and Educating Historians of Crime.
Bev Baker and Pollie Shorthouse (Galleries of Justice, Nottingham), Learn from the Past to Act in the Present and Change the Future.
Sue MacKay (Yorkshire Law and Order Museums, Ripon), Engaging Audiences.
Andrew Payne (The National Archives), Educating Child Criminals at The National Archives.

Session 4, Teaching Future Historians of Crime.
Peter D’Sena (Higher Education Academy), The Future of Teaching Our Criminal Past in Higher Education.
Ben Walsh (Historical Association), History of Crime in the Classroom.

Plus Icon 17 May 2013
Our Criminal Past: Digitisation, Social Media and Crime History.
First AHRC network event, London Metropolitan Archives, 17 May 2013

Session 1, Digitising Crime and Penal Histories.
Tim Hitchcock, Digitising Criminal Justice: Past, Present and Future.
Sharon Howard, Bloody Code: Reflecting on a Decade of Old Bailey Online and the Digital Future of Our Criminal Past.
Hamish Maxwell Stewart, Founders and Survivors: Using Digital Technologies to Explore the Long Run Impact of Convict Transportation.
Chair and commentator: Pam Cox.

Session 2, Historians of Crime and Social Media.
Zoe Alker, Using New Social Media Technologies in Teaching Victorian Crime.
Adam Crymble, How Blogging and Tweeting Make Me a Better Historian of Crime.
Lesley Hulonce, From the Local to the Global: Victorian Child Poverty and Crime on the Blogosphere.
Lucy Williams, Writing Wayward Women: A Digital Discussion of the History of Female Offending.
Chair and commentator: John Carter Wood.

Session 3, Roundtable Discussion on Current Challenges and New Directions.
Speakers: Barry Godfrey, Liz Hore (The National Archives), Helen Rogers.

Network organisers:
Heather Shore:
Helen Johnston:

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