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Subcultures and Crime, Deviance and Dissent

Subcultures and Crime, Deviance and Dissent

Subcultures and Crime, Deviance and Dissent

Led by Dr Kelly Hignett

The research strand for Subcultures and Crime, Deviance and Dissent is devoted to the documentation, interpretation and analysis of various groups who have traditionally operated on the margins of mainstream society, due to personal preference or forcible exclusion.

Throughout history, those who have expressed beliefs, opinions or interests at variance with accepted social and cultural norms have often been perceived as dangerous, subversive and threatening to the collective consciousness, invoking repressive measures and 'moral panic'. However we can learn much from a study of these 'marginal' groups and their wider historical and contemporary contextualisation.

Our research interests encompass a range of related areas, including the study of crime and various criminal 'underworlds'; manifestations of social and cultural deviance; youth groups; assorted subcultures and countercultures; dissent, protest and opposition networks and political prisoners both within the UK and internationally.

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