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Heritage Studies at Leeds Beckett is an interdisciplinary endeavour. It is located across a number of Schools and a wide range of subject areas, from Cultural Studies to Planning and Policy, from Leisure and Tourism to the Built Environment and from Art and Design to Social Policy.

Our research institute the Leeds Sustainability Institute, and our Centre for Culture and the Arts provide research leadership in heritage-related activities, and draw on staff expertise from public history, and museums and archives to buildings conservation, and all points in between.

We have a long track record in working with local, national and international partners on the sustainable development of heritage resources, including successful bidding activities for European Capital of Culture status (Liverpool, 2008; Matera, 2017).

We also work closely with local museums, historic houses and other historic sites, galleries and art locations in our region, as well with community groups concerned with heritage in broadest sense. This includes the Leeds Carnival Group, which established the oldest Caribbean Carnival in the UK, recreating and developing a local cultural heritage for what was, in the 1960s, a relatively new local population. We have also worked extensively with Historic England and the National Trust on LGBTQ histories and heritages, and with many other local and regional organisations, like the Leeds Library and the City Council, on broadening the audiences for our region’s cultural offer.

The Heritage Consortium

Leeds Beckett University is a member of the AHRC-funded Heritage Consortium, originally founded in 2012 to deliver doctoral training in all areas of Heritage Studies, and based in the first instance on AHRC funding. Our regional university partners in the Consortium include the Universities of Bradford, Huddersfield, Hill, Northumbria, Teesside, and Sheffield Hallam University. The collaborations across these organisations enables us draw on wide expertise and a wide range of partners for heritage-related projects and doctoral dissertations.

Enquiries about the Heritage Consortium at Leeds Beckett should be directed to Professor Ruth Robbins at

Colleagues in the School of Cultural Studies and Humanities and beyond with a particular interest in Heritage, and who welcome inquiries from both organisations requesting heritage research, and from individuals seeking doctoral programmes, include:

For more information about the schools where heritage studies are located, please visit:


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