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Social and Community Studies

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Social & Community Studies

In Social and Community Studies at Leeds Beckett, we are committed to providing our students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in some of the most rewarding and challenging careers available.

Many of our courses are professionally accredited and are developed in partnership with employers, service users and professional bodies, including a unique teaching partnership with Leeds and Wakefield local authorities. Teaching is delivered by expert academics who have practical experience of their subject areas; ensuring you receive the most relevant and up to date education and training throughout your journey with us.

Colleagues across our subject area undertake cutting-edge research, working within the community. For example, Dr Darren Hill, Reader in Social Work, is engaged with exploring alternative social work communities of practice such as 'street work' with socially marginalised service user groups. Senior Lecturer, Dr Erika Laredo, examines ways in which person-centred and relational approaches improve the resilience and well-being of vulnerable communities, for example, the homeless, street sex workers, refugees and migrants. She focuses on the way practitioners prioritise individual acts of care, kindness and professional love to successfully re-engage those on the margins.

Alongside our academic expertise, we offer specialist facilities such as communication suites, a mock court room and simulated housing and hospital environments enable students and practitioners to apply their knowledge and develop their practical skills safely, with guidance from subject-specialist tutors.

Whether you’re new to working in a social and community setting or already have experience that you would like to build on, our courses allow students to explore their interests and shape their learning towards their particular areas of interest. You will also take part in a significant amount of work-related learning, with the opportunity to spend time on placement in a wide variety of organisations, in the UK or overseas. We will work with and support you every step of the way to ensure you have the skills and experience to take the next step in your career.


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