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Single Module Flourescence Research

About our research

Our research group is interested in novel single molecule fluorescence nanotechnologies and their application in structure determination of DNA/RNA and protein. Currently we are focused in instrument modification and builds in the application of fluorescence anisotropy, intensity and lifetime to determine 3D structure, dynamics and kinetics of small molecules. By incorporating fluorophores and manipulating Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) we are able to investigate DNAs/RNAs & proteins molecule by molecule therefore unveiling information hidden in the ensemble average.

Current Research projects

  • Single molecule instrument builds
    Current porjects involve adaptation of FCS instrument setup to incorporate TCSPC & PiE for single molecule studies of fluorescently labelled small molecules
  • Dengue & Zika virus
    Investigations of RNA stem loops involved in the Dengue virus replcation system SLA & NS5 and Zika virus
  • Sotware analysis
    CNS and HandyFRET (available volume method)
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