School Improvement Service (SIS)


Leeds Beckett University, in association with Carnegie Leaders, has developed an innovative, efficient and specialised service to assist schools in identifying areas for improvement.

This service has been devised by Dr Martin Samy, an international expert in the field of quality improvement and will be supported by educational specialists from Carnegie Leaders in Learning.

By bringing these resources together, we are able to offer a unique perspective in the identification of areas for improvement in your school, including analysis of:

  • The quality of teaching
  • Leadership
  • Pupils' behaviour and safety
  • Pupils' achievements

Dr Samy talks about the School Improvement Service and its origins here.

To discuss how this service can assist your school, please contact the School Improvement Service on 0113 812 4813 or through the Contact Us form below.

Dr. Martin Samy

Dr. Martin SamySenior Lecturer
Accounting and Financial Services
Leeds Beckett University
The Rose Bowl
0113 812 9007  


B Bus (Acc), Dip Teaching (Sec) M Ed (Policy and Mgt), PhD (Monash)


PG Dissertation Coordinator

Summary of Experience and Achievements

Prior to being an academic, Dr Samy has had commercial experience as a financial manager of corporations in Singapore and Australia. Dr Samy is an associate member of the Certified Practising Accountants, Australia, a member of the Australian College of Educators and a member of the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand. He has been recognised in the Marquis Who's Who in the World in the 2007 publication for his research in establishing a Quality Effectiveness Instrument.


  • Research Methods
  • Masters and PhD supervision
  • Project Management for MSc

Areas of expertise and research interest

  • School Quality and Accountability / Effectiveness
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Financial Literacy
  • Financial Reporting
  • External academic and professional roles

Professional Roles

  1. Non Executive Director, Cosmopolitan Student Housing, Liverpool
  2. LEA Board of Governor, Farnley Park Maths and Computing College, Leeds

Academic Roles

  1. Associate Editor - International Journal of Learning, Common Ground Publishing, 2004 & 2005.
  2. Associate Editor - International Journal on Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 2006.
  3. Editor - International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research
  4. Reviewer - International Journal of Islamic and Middle East Finance & Management. Emerald Publishing.
  5. Reviewer - Cornell Hospital Quarterly, SAGE publishing.


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Books and Chapters

  1. "Pete's Plumbing, An Accounting Practice Set," McGraw-Hill, Australia. 2002.
  2. "Accounting, an Introduction" 3rd edition, Pearson Publications, 2004. 
  3. "Issues in Financial Accounting" 12th edition, Test Bank, 2005.
  4. "Financial Accounting, An Introduction" 4th edition, Test Bank, 2006.

Conference Papers

  • Samy, M (2002), A Study of Perceptions and its Relationships to Financial Performance and Student Achievement Data, International Business Conference, University of Hawaii, Hawaii, USA, July.
  • Samy, M (2003), Perceptions of Effectiveness, A Study of Schools in Victoria, Australia. Global Business and Finance Research Conference, London, UK, July.
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Refereed Publications:

  • Góis, G., Conde, F., Samy, M., H. Tawfik, H. Huang, R (2010)” The financial literacy in higher education institutions in Portugal: sensitivity analysis of its determinants”, The Studies of ISCA, Volume 1, 2010. Original publication in Portuguese.
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  • Itotenaan, H.O.. Samy, M., Bampton, R. (2012) Motivations of legitimacy theory for CSR Reporting in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria: A theoretical framework. African Journal of Economic and Sustainable Development (Accepted for publication)

Research Team Members

In addition to Dr Martin Samy, other researchers involved in the Schools Improvement Service are:


 Dr Roberta Bampton Helen Gatenby Helen Thompson


Survey Process

1-2-3 Simple Steps

  1. Within 48 hours of receiving a school's enquiry about one or more surveys, the research team would reply to discuss. Through a telephone conversation, the team member would access your needs and develop the necessary potential assertions and statements; these would then be emailed to you to review (remember these assertions are not exhaustive, and additions and / or amendments can easily be accommodated). The crux of the study is to assist your school to identify the strengths or weaknesses of certain areas of its operation. .
  2. Once the statements and assertions have been finalised and the process plan drawn up, the research team would then email this to you together with complete instructions on how to distribute, collect and return the surveys to Leeds Beckett. The survey process should take 1 to 2 weeks.
  3. Within 4 weeks of receiving your survey responses, Leeds Beckett would both email and post you a copy of the final report (accompanied by an invoice for services rendered). Finally, our research and consultancy does not necessarily stop here. We have the means to draw on the expertise of many national and international educational researchers who could be available to discuss and advise your school on further improvement to many aspects of school operation.

Sample Reports & Case Studies

Prices & Options

Schools can choose between one and three surveys, each of which is designed for a specific group. Following the data gathering of the survey process, the areas of analysis performed on the data are very distinct with each tailored to it's group.

The final report delivered to the school would address each of the groups surveyed individually.

The groups are:

  • Parents
  • All Staff and Governors
  • Students 

The price for one survey is £495 with no additional VAT charged to schools. This is the cost per survey which incorporates up to 200 responses; for every 100 additional responses per survey that a school requires input there is an additional charge of £50.

Savings can be offered to schools wishing to purchase more than one product:

  • the price of two surveys purchased together is £895 (a saving of £95)
  • the price of three surveys purchased together is £1245 (a saving of £240)

Contact Us

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