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Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is an employability and leadership programme aimed at students who want to develop their skills and experience in coaching and leadership by supporting the delivery of our social sport, junior and strength and conditioning programmes. There are a variety of roles available to apply for such as Senior, Lead or Assistant coach, Sports Activator or Strength & Conditioning Intern.

Students must have prior experience of coaching, leading or organising sports activities. They must also want to gain additional qualifications whilst developing their skills in a sporting environment. Honorarium payments, kit, sports membership and CPD financial support is available for different coaching ability tiers.

Plus Icon Sport Activators

 Sports Activators are students of Leeds Beckett University who have an interest in Sport and Active Lifestyles, and are enthusiastic about developing and promoting sport and its associated experience to other students.

Activators do not need to be part of a sports club, nor do they need to be particularly talented at sport, they just need to be committed and interested in sport and getting our students engaged. They will be interested in career development and enhancing their CV and employability skills.

Activators are responsible for delivering our Social Sport programme. It is expected Activators will deliver a minimum of 4 hours per week that will include planning and leading the sessions, social media, promotion activities and planning.

In return, Sports Activators receive: 

  • a £500 honorarium payment at the end of the academic year,
  • free sports membership,
  • free kit bundle,
  • up to £250 towards a CPD course
  • free tickets to University sports events throughout the year,/li>
  • funded places and travel towards student sports leadership and development events around the country.
Plus Icon Coaching Scholars

A select number of sports coaching scholarships are available to students each year who are looking to gain additional coaching experience by delivering sessions within Sport & Active Lifestyles. Delivery can be across our Social Sport programme, or as part of the Carnegie Junior Sports Academy. All coaching scholarship applicants are to have prior experience of coaching and/or hold a coaching qualification, at most a minimum Level 1 or equivalent. Sports available include: Athletics, Tennis, Squash and American Football.

All scholars must be students and, depending on their level of qualification and experience, will fall into one of three tiers:

Senior Coaching Scholar

Qualified to either a Level 2 or 3 standard, dependent on the sport, with a minimum of a year’s experience of coaching at this level. Will lead sessions and will also provide mentoring to Assistant Coaching Scholars.

Senior Coaching Scholars with be paid £15 per hour and will receive a free coaching kit bundle.

Lead Coaching Scholar

Recently qualified to a Level 2 or 3 standard, but with less than a year’s coaching experience at this level. Will lead sessions but will not provide any mentoring of Assistant Coaching Scholars.

Lead Coaching Scholars with be paid £10 per hour and will receive a free coaching kit bundle.

Assistant Coaching Scholar

Qualified to a Level 1 standard, with previous experience of coaching at this level. Will assist with sessions under the guidance and supervision of Senior Coaching Scholars.

In return, Assistant Coaching Scholars will receive;

  • Honorarium £500
  • Funding available for Professional Development £250
  • Free Coaching Kit Bundle
  • Free Sports Membership

N.B Senior, Lead and Assistant coach kit bundles may differ.

Plus Icon Strength and Conditioning Interns

The strength and conditioning internship involves assisting the delivery of strength and conditioning sessions to focus sport teams, scholarship athletes and TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) athletes supported by the university.

In return, Strength and Conditioning Interns receive

  • Access to clubs, teams, players or athletes within the chosen sport as agreed by the Head S&C Coach.
  • Mentoring and support by the Head S&C Coach.
  • Free Sports Membership 
  • Free kit bundle. N.B Senior and junior interns kit bundles may differ.
  • Up to £250 towards a CPD course
  • An honorarium payment on completion of agreed coaching duties and responsibilities for the academic year/. N.B Bursary payment applicable to senior interns only.
Plus Icon Marketing and Communications Ambassadors

Sport and Active Lifestyles are looking for Student Marketing and Communications Ambassadors to help enhance the sporting experience at Leeds Beckett University and raise the profile of sport at the institution.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain work experience for those considering a career in marketing or communications.

About the role:

A Student Marketing and Communications Ambassador will be required to undertake a variety of tasks.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Sourcing and writing content for our members, including the AU newsletter, website and news articles.
  • Working on our social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ‘student takeovers’
  • Producing short pieces of film content.
  • Assisting the Sports Office staff with the promotion of major Sport & Active Lifestyle events, including the annual Varsity calendar, Freshers’ Fair, and the University’s Sports Awards Evening.
  • Developing opportunities for students to feedback, helping us measure the effectiveness of our services.

The Programme will provide:

  • Worthwhile opportunities that aim to develop and enhance both personal and professional experiences.
  • Mentoring and support by the Programme Manager and other staff members where feasible.
  • Free Sport & Active Lifestyle Membership.
  • Free kit bundle as agreed by the Sport, Health and Wellbeing Manager.
  • A small honorarium payment on completion of agreed duties and responsibilities for the academic year, as agreed with their Programme Manager and the Sport, Health and Wellbeing Manager.
  • Additional leadership training workshops.
Plus Icon Volunteering
Sports volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience and learn new skills to support your academic learning. There are a variety of volunteering roles available within Sport and Active Lifestyles. If you are interested in any volunteering roles please contact
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