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Level 1 Award in Coaching Skateboard Sessions Qualification


With Skateboarding heading into the Olympics in 2020, we’re excited to support in training more coaches across the country to inspire the next generation of champions.

In partnership with the national governing body, Skateboard England, Sk8 Safe and 1st4sport have worked together to write the Level 1 Award in Coaching Skateboard Sessions Qualification. This is the first and only accredited qualification for skateboard coaches in England and Wales, with Sk8 Safe as the only official assessment centre.

This 2 day (17 hour) course provides vital credibility to skateboard coaches, legitimising their practises and preparing them for a career in sports coaching. The course is also valuable to those seeking a career in the wider field of sports coaching. The course covers am multitude of topics, from session planning and theoretical aspects of coaching beginner’s sessions, to basic board skills. The course focuses on participation rather than performance, with the key aim of getting more young people involved in physical activity.

Skateboarding offers a vital alternative to the traditional team sports offered in schools, which some young people may find intimidating. Those who may not engage in school sports often gravitate towards skateboarding, due to its lack of formal rules and structure. Young people are able to develop independently, at their own pace, and success is measured in the building of their own self-esteem. Skateboarding is a sport in which individuality is celebrated and rewarded, and is a great way for young people to develop their physical fitness as well as their social skills.

Minimum Age

Participants must be aged 17 or over and hold a current and relevant Safeguarding Certificate

Course  One

 Thursday 14 September 2017 0900-1700 
 Friday 15 September 2017 0900-1700 

As the course is a level 1, we don’t expect learners to be professional level skateboarders, the focus here is very much on passionate coaches who can provide a safe, positive and inclusive entry point into skateboarding. 

Course Fee £225

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Course Content

• Your role as a skateboard coach and codes of conduct as agreed by Skateboard England
• What your legal responsibilities as a skateboard coach are
• Safeguarding roles and responsibilities
• Principles of safe practise
• Inclusion and diversity responsibilities
• How to manage sessions for different learners
• Basic sports coach techniques
• To plan a quality skateboard coaching session
• Delivery of an engaging, inclusive skateboard coaching session
• Reviewing your practices as a skateboard coach
• All technical aspects of coaching basic beginners skateboarding
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Course Outcomes

Each learner once assessed will get to keep their learner portfolio, this comes together with a learners resource pack on a CD. The learners resource pack is extensive including many other aspects of skateboarding required to deliver a great session such as:

• Lesson plans
• Anatomy of a skateboard
• Skate Park Etiquette
• Technical information about each activity taught with diagrams
• Guide to basic ramps

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