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Beckett Sports Volunteer Programme

Sports volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience and learn new skills to support your academic learning. The programme works in support from Sport England and British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), together we are committed to providing volunteers with as many opportunities to develop and to gain as many qualifications as possible.

You don’t have to be sporty to undertake any volunteering, as opportunities are available across a whole variety of skills and areas. All volunteers will receive a certificate to the level that they have volunteered at, as well as free kit! 

To see all the latest sports volunteering opportunities, please click on to the link below which will take you to your MyHub log in page. Once you have logged in, type the letters 'BSVP' under the 'Search Vacancy' box to see a full list of opportunities.

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Our Sports Volunteers carry out their volunteering with many reputable partners and organisations and a time that suits them.

Many of our opportunities involve volunteering in local schools and sports clubs who are eager for more help in delivering, managing or promoting sport to their participants or wider community. 

Local clubs and organisations like schools, sports clubs and charities request volunteers, and we can help place you with them. There are also opportunities available within the University's own Sport & Active Lifestyles department.

All our volunteering opportunities are available to view above by clicking the link above. .

New opportunities are promoted throughout the year, so please check back regularly to see what is available to you.

To see the process involved for student volunteers on the programme, please open the following document:

Student Volunteer Process Map

If you are an organisation requiring sports volunteers, and would like to advertise available roles to our students as part of the Beckett Sports Volunteer Programme, then please also get in touch, as we'd love to be able to support you and your organisation. 

To see the process involved for Opportunity Providers, please open the following document: 

Provider Process Map

For more information, please call in to the Sports Office at Carnegie Sports Centre Reception, Headingley Campus, or contact:

Craig Robinson
Student Sport Coordinator
0113 8126546


Plus Icon Why should I volunteer?
Volunteering in sport can take many forms – it can be in the form of coaching, mentoring, officiating, running events, designing websites and much more.

There is no specific amount of time needed to volunteer and no restrictions on your experience. Here are some facts about sports volunteering:

  • You DO NOT need to be good at sport or have a technical knowledge of it. 
  • You DO NOT need to be a member of a club to volunteer. 
  • You DO NOT need loads of time.
  • You DO NOT have to have loads of experience.
Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity and the benefits are endless. They can include: 

  • Leaning new skills and / or developing ones you already have 
  • Strengthening your CV and professional portfolio 
  • Increasing your employment 
  • Supplementing your degree with first-hand experience 
  • Networking and building contacts in the industry 
  • A sense of reward and achievement 
  • It enhances your university life and experience 
  • It prevents boredom and provides a sense of purpose 
  • Making new friends and enhancing your social life. 
The True Volunteer Foundation found volunteering enhances employability and job opportunities with 87% of employers regarding volunteering as a “positive effect on career progression for young people”.
Plus Icon What opportunities are available to me?

All our available opportunities are posted online, and fall into one of the below categories:

  • Club coaching
  • School-based coaching
  • Event management
  • Officiating
  • Sports science support
  • PR & Marketing
  • Administration and development.

To view all our opportunities, please click on the link at the top of the page.

Plus Icon What if I already volunteer?

If you already volunteer, you can still register onto the Beckett Sports Volunteer Programme and receive the same benefits. All we need you to do is:

  • Log on to MyHub and register the details with us
  • Record your Opportunity Provider's contact details
Plus Icon I want to sign up to the Beckett Sports Volunteer Programme - what do I do now?

The process for registering onto the Beckett Sports Volunteer Programme couldn’t be easier. Take a look at all the opportunities available to you by clicking on the button above.

Once you have found an opportunity/opportunities that interest you, or if you would like to register your own, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Beckett Sports Volunteering page on MyHub; read and agree the Terms & Conditions.
  2. Apply for an opportunity advertised for the programme or register your own volunteering opportunity.
  3. You will be notified if you have successfully secured the opportunity.
  4. Once secured, you must meet with the organisation and agree learning objectives and a start date; these must be recorded on MyHub, at which point you may be entitled to collect your free kit!
  5. To be entitled to an award at the end of your volunteering experience, you must record all your hours on MyHub.
  6. This process must be completed for EACH opportunity you apply for.
Plus Icon Guidance for contacting your Supervisor

  • Be professional
  • Be punctual
  • Speak politely
  • Dress appropriately
  • Let us know if you have any problems


  • Arrange to meet with them and not show up. 
  • Agree to hours with no intentions of doing them.
Plus Icon Will I need a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check?

For some opportunities where volunteers will be working unsupervised with young children and/or vulnerable adults, it is a requirement that they have a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. Some students may have a DBS already through their course, this may be accepted. However, if you don’t have a DBS, then the organisation you will be volunteering for can usually process it on your behalf. If some organisations can’t carry out the DBS check, then our team will be able to assist you.

Plus Icon What if I don't like my volunteering or role?
We realise that volunteering isn’t for everyone, and that sometimes things don’t always work out the way you'd hoped or planned. If you aren’t enjoying your experience, then let us know and we can discuss any issues with you and/or the provider. We can also help you find a better suited opportunity.

Please don’t suddenly stop going to your organisation, as this can set a bad example and can damage any future opportunities we might have with them. It might also mean you aren’t eligible to volunteer with us in the future.
Plus Icon Reviewing your experience
We will be in regular contact with you to make sure everything is going smoothly with your volunteering and that you are enjoying it and getting the most out of it. We are available to contact should you have any questions or issues about your experience. It is also important that you reply to any emails or calls so we can monitor your volunteering and the opportunity in general.
Plus Icon Will I receive any training?
Every opportunity should offer volunteers some form of training before they start. Most of the time this is informal training, however, sometimes volunteers may be put through some official training programmes which can provide an added bonus to your CV. 

There are also further opportunities with the Carnegie Coach Education unit within Sport & Active Lifestyles at the University. Volunteers who excel in their involvement in the programme may be entitled to receive funding for further qualifications.

Plus Icon Will the provider pay to cover my transport costs?
This depends on the volunteering provider. Many will look to reimburse your travel costs, however, some may not as they may not have funding available.
Plus Icon I have no idea where the opportunity is located - how do I get there?
Usually you will be able to get directions once you have spoken with the supervisor. You can also search online for public transport routes, and the map location of where the volunteering is taking place.
Plus Icon What do I do when the volunteering finishes?
Once you have come to the end of your volunteering, or you have finished for the academic year, you can submit your hours online via MyHub, and the sports volunteering team will verify these with the organisation(s) before you collect your award certificate.
Plus Icon What are Sports Volunteering Awards?
The number of hours volunteering you have completed equates to a different award as follows: 

  • Over 120 hours = Platinum Award
  • 96 – 119 hours = Gold Award 
  • 72 – 95 hours = Silver Award 
  • 48 – 71 hours = Bronze Award 
  • 47 hours & under = Volunteer Award 
The award is acknowledged by the University, is verified by the Sport & Fitness Manager and signed by the Vice Chancellor. 

Plus Icon How do I give feedback on my volunteering experience

At the end of your volunteering, both the volunteer and the volunteering supervisor will be asked to complete an evaluation form. It is important we receive this feedback so we can look to improve the programme for the future.

Useful Information

Below are some useful websites that provide additional information about Sports Volunteering:


“Applying for the Sports Activator role in my final year was one of the best decisions I made whilst studying at the University, as it gave me the opportunity to practice the theory I was learning in the classroom and match it to the professional standards in the work place. The experience of the Sports Office team helped enhance my capacity to learn, develop and adapt quickly to various challenging situations through regular guidance and one-to-one support. The experience I gained from the role gave me the platform and experience to go on and get a full time graduate position at Leeds City College as the Sport, Leisure & Outdoor Activity Officer.”
Karim Ibrahim, BA Sports Development Student (2013-2016)

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