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World Class Lifting Facilities


This facility is the main strength and conditioning training base for all our high performance sports teams, sports scholars and disability athletes.

This is a facility that has been specifically designed for high performance strength and conditioning support and is equipped with 6 standard and 1 competition size lifting platforms, and for the Paralympic athletes, 4 disability powerlifting benches.

There are over 1000kgs of weights and enough Olympic bars to ensure each platform can be fully utilised.

Other equipment has been kept to a minimum to maintain the lifting area however there are two power rack cages, a leg press and a cable crossover machine in addition to the Olympic weights.

The facility is not open for general use via membership.

Plus points

  • 6 standard platforms
  • 1 competition platform
  • 4 disability powerlifting benches
  • Olympic bars
  • Olympic weights
  • Onsite car parking
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