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Plus points

  • High quality indoor and outdoor facilities

Handball is a relatively new sport in the UK however since the 2012 London Olympics has grown in popularity.

Leeds Beckett's Handball Club is like a family - we look out for all of our team mates, we're a very social club and our clubs members all enjoy training together but more importantly love to have a lot of fun as a team.

What is handball?

Handball is a fast-paced exciting team sport in which 2 teams of 7 players aim to score into the oppositions’ net.

Usually games are separated into 2 thirty-minute halves with a 10-15-minute halftime. The positions are separated into 2 wingers, 2 back court players, centre, goal keeper and line (who disrupts the other teams defence during attack).

On a typical court there are 2 semi-circles around the goal; one 9ms and another 6ms away from the goal. Only the keeper is allowed within the 6m, and usually during defence players defend between the 6m and 9m gap. 



Player Spotlight

Aidan Cumb varsity player card - Handball 
Plus Icon Why should I join the club?

Our club is like a family where we all look out for each other. We are a very social club who enjoy training together but also have a lot of fun and we are more focused on the social side of joining a team with a highlight of encouraging students to come meet new people and make friends. Our training sessions are never too serious and we always end up having a good time!

We are a really friendly and welcoming club who don’t run trials just taster sessions and if you enjoy playing the sport you’re guaranteed to be welcome at all training sessions and games, and you’re able to play in as many or as few games as you choose.

Plus Icon How can I get involved?

Contact the club using one of the links in the following section to arrange a FREE taster session.

Plus Icon How can I contact the club?

You can get in touch with us - and find out the most up to date news - by following our social media accounts below:

Plus Icon What equipment will I need?

Just turn up in clothing which is appropriate for sport i.e. shorts, gym leggings, tracksuit bottoms.

Plus Icon Did you know?
  • We are undefeated Varsity Champions
  • Our men’s team have won back-to-back University Championship Cups in the 16-17 and 17-18 seasons
  • Alumni members have gone on to represent Great Britain (e.g. Stefan Whaley)
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