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About the club

Our tchoukball club has two mixed teams: Leeds Galaxy and Leeds Cosmos. We compete across various competitions throughout the year at both regional and national league levels.

Plus Icon What is tchoukball?

Tchoukball is a mixed gender sport where there is no contact or interceptions. The sport originates from Switzerland and was created to reduce injuries in sport. Tchoukball shares many similarities with other sports such as basketball, handball and netball, however, what makes tchoukball stand out is that points can be scored at either end of the court. You shoot at a frame similar to a trampoline, there is a "D" that surrounds the frame and points are scored when the ball lands outside of the "D" following a shot.

Plus Icon Why should I join tchoukball?

Tchoukball is a unique (and fun!) sport to play, you don't need to be a tchoukball expert to play and we are passionate about being a very welcoming and friendly club. We don't have any requirements for you to join our club - in fact a lot of our members have never even played Tchoukball before they came to Leeds Beckett!

Plus Icon How can I get involved?

You can join Tchoukball at any point throughout the year, just contact the club on the accounts below to arrange your FREE taster session. 

Plus Icon How can I contact the club?

You can get in touch with us - and find out the most up to date news - by following our social media accounts below:

Plus Icon What equipment will I need?

You need indoor non-marking shoes, and comfortable sportswear. Kneepads will be provided for new members, but it is recommended that personal kneepads are purchased once joining the club.

Plus Icon Did you know?

We have had a lot of our players, past and present, that have represented Great Britain Tchoukball. Before the 2018-19 season four members of our squad represented both men's and women's UK teams at the European Tchoukball Championships.

Plus Icon Tchoukball training schedule
  • Fridays - 19:00 - 20:30 - Green Hall, Headingley Campus

Plus points

  • High quality indoor and outdoor facilities
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