Alex Griffiths, Senior Lecturer

Alex Griffiths

Senior Lecturer

Alex is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition. His research interests relate to the application of nutrition to optimise performance and health in athletes and the general population alike.

Alex completed his PhD at Leeds Beckett University in the Carnegie School of Sport. Alex’s PhD aimed to develop nutritional strategies to overcome the debilitating effects of hypoxia on operational capability and endurance performance. In particular, Alex investigated the role of breakfast consumption and carbohydrate supplementation in inducing beneficial alterations in substrate oxidation during exercise in hypoxia. In addition, Alex’s PhD considered the use of these nutritional strategies as a tool for augmenting energy intake to mitigate body mass losses experienced at high altitude. Further research interests in relation to Sport and Exercise Nutrition include gastrointestinal permeability/damage in response to exercise, and the subsequent investigation of nutritional interventions to mitigate this response.

Alex’s current research interests primarily relate to the role of dietary manipulation in optimising health. Specifically, Alex is currently conducting considerable research investigating the effect of the Mediterranean diet on several health-related outcomes including blood pressure, gut microbiota and healthy ageing. Alex is also currently working as part of a larger project (led by Prof Louisa Ells and Dr Jamie Matu) with Public Health England, conducting a systematic review of systematic reviews investigating the role of obesity on the prevalence, severity and mortality of COVID-19.


Current Teaching

Alex currently teaches on BSc Nutrition and leads the L5 Nutrition and Physical Activity module, as well as the L6 Sports Nutrition module.

Research Interests

Alex's PhD research is used to optimise performance in high altitude mountaineers, military personnel and athlete's alike. The nutritional interventions investigated as part of Alex's PhD provide novel strategies to induce improvements in endurance performance and operational capability for these populations. Alex has conducted work with Leeds Carnegie (currently Leeds Tykes) and Bath Rugby, investigating gastrointestinal permeability/damage in response to rugby related activity. These findings may be used to inform practice and improve gastrointestinal health of these athletes. Finally, Alex's work in relation to Mediterranean diet and COVID-19 provides impactful findings which may be used to promote population health and longevity.

Alex Griffiths, Senior Lecturer

Selected Outputs

  • Griffiths A; Deighton K; King R; Matu J; Shannon O; O'Hara JP (2019) The effect of carbohydrate supplementation on substrate oxidation during exercise in hypoxia after breakfast consumption or omission. In: European College of Sport Science, 3 July 2019 - 6 July 2019, Prague.

  • Griffiths A; Deighton K; King R; Matu J; Shannon O; O'Hara J (2018) Substrate utilisation is altered in normobaric hypoxia, compared with normoxia when in the fasted, but not fed state. In: 23rd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, 4 July 2018 - 7 July 2018, Dublin.