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Anthony Forde

About Anthony Forde

Anthony has professional experience as a Police Investigator, Forensic Specialist and Lawyer. He is a consultant with the Institute of International Criminal Investigations in The Hague and Justice Rapid Response in Geneva on investigative interviewing and investigation of war crimes.

As a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and formally at Leeds Law School, he is also a member of the Politics and Applied Global Ethics Group. Anthony teaching has covered UK Criminal Law and Evidence, Laws of War as well as the Analysis of Evidence in Crime Investigation, Interrogation, Torture and the use of force by military and security services. He has been involved in the training and development of military and police staff from around the world in the investigation of war crimes for example United Nations, Office for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, The Bosnian, Rwandan, Ugandan War Crimes teams as well as the Prosecution and Defence teams for the International Criminal Court.

Research Interests

  • Use of force by Military and Security Services
  • Interrogation, Torture and Interviewing
  • Law of War and Evidence

Selected Publications

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