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Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan

Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan
Contact Details
Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan

Senior Lecturer

School Of Built Environment, Engineering And Computing

0113 81 25374

About Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan

Dr Altahhan's ultimate aim is to build a truly autonomous system (physical or virtual) that is able to help humans in their everyday and difficult tasks. For example, in the daily household activities, in caring of a child, whether physically or mentally advantaged or disadvantaged, in a big industrial plant or in a small home in a remote town. In particular, he is interested in teaching/learning to/from a robot/system how to behave and act favourably and ethically for the sake of humanity. These aims and many more can be achieved when the frontiers of machine learning, reinforcement learning and neural networks are advanced by first gaining more theoretical insight and mathematical analysis of current methodology and by inviting more inspirational approaches gained by more understanding of how the brain achieves its tasks and how the human behaviour influences its own awareness of the environment around it.

Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan is a Senior Lecturer in Computing. He has a PhD in Reinforcement Learning and Neural Networks applied on Robotics from the University of Sunderland UK, and an MSc (Res) in Fuzzy Expert Systems from Damascus University. He has served as the Programme Director of MSc in Data Science at Coventry University and had worked in Dubai as an Assistant Professor and Acting Dean. Dr Abdulrahman is actively researching in the area of deep reinforcement learning applied onto robotics. He has extensively prepared designed and developed a novel reinforcement learning family of methods and studied their mathematical underlying properties. Recently he established a new set of algorithms and findings where he combined deep learning with reinforcement learning in a unique way that is hoped to contribute to the development of this new research area. He presented in prestigious conferences and venues in the area of machine learning and neural network. Dr Abdulrahman is a reviewer for important Neural Networks related journals, and venues from Springer and the IEEE; including Neural Computing and Applications journal, International Conference of Robotics and Automation ICRA, and he serves in the programme committees for related conferences such as INNS Big Data 2016. He has chaired several special sessions in the area of Deep RL in important conferences such as IJCNN and ICONIP. He is an IEEE Member, a member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and International Neural Network Society, also is an EPSRC associate reviewer.

Current Teaching

Dr Abdulrahman taught Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Big Data Analysis modules in the MSc of Data Science at CU,and was the programme director of it. Currently, at Leeds Beckett, he is looking forward establishing a strong feet in robotics and intelligent systems in the school of computing and creative technology.

Research Interests

Dr Altahhan's research interest lies in the area of Deep Reinforcement Learning and Neural Networks and Machine Learning in general. He has prepared a new set of algorithms where he has introduced a new concept into RL called self-reflective/reminisces learning.

More recently he has been working on a new learning algorithm called correct learning that should help in explaining why shallow learning was not as successful as deep learning.

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