Dr Andre Pusey, Course Director

Dr Andre Pusey

Course Director

Andre is a Principal Lecturer and Course Director. He is a critical geographer who works on social movements, urban commons and cities and social justice. He is particularly interested in struggles around higher education and the co-construction of critical pedagogical alternatives.

Andre’s doctoral research, which he completed in 2014, was funded by a prestigious University of Leeds scholarship. It explored efforts by a group called the Really Open University as they attempted to protest against the perceived enclosure of Higher Education through increased tuition fees and marketization, whilst simultaneously experimenting with the collective construction of alternative pedagogical forms.

Andre has given talks in the UK and overseas. He has presented papers and organised panels at numerous conferences, including the Association of American Geographers Annual General Meeting and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference. He has had work published in a range of publications, including international peer-reviewed academic journals, edited books and magazines. This work has focussed on grassroots movements for climate justice, urban activist struggles for the right to the city and the production of the urban commons and struggles around the purpose and future orientation of the university.

Andre joined Leeds Beckett University in 2012 and is currently a Course Director within the Planning, Housing & Human Geography subject group in the School of Built Environment. He has previously been a Senior Lecturer, Lecturer and Part Time Lecturer within the school. Before moving to Leeds Beckett University Andre was working in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds, where he completed his PhD and taught on both the BA Human Geography course and the innovative MA in Activism and Social Change program. Andre has also taught at Leeds University Business School.

Current Teaching

Andre has a broad range of teaching experience having taught across an array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered within the Planning, Housing and Human Geography group in the School of the Built Environment & Engineering. In 2015 Andre became a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Andre has taught mainly on:

  • BA Human Geography
  • BA Human Geography & Planning
  • BA Human Geography & History
  • BA Housing Studies
  • MA Housing, Regeneration & Urban Management

Andre is currently a module leader for:

  • Academic Tutorials (level 4)
  • Development of Geographical Thought (level 5)
  • Research methods (level 5)
  • Alternative Economic Geography (level 5)
  • Cities and Spatial Justice (level 6)
  • ILC Urban Futures (postgraduate)

Andre also teaches on:

  • Development of Geographical Thought (level 5)
  • Dissertation (level 6)

He has previously been module leader for:

  • City and Society (level 4)
  • Globalisation and Economic Restructuring (level 5)
  • Critical Geographies (level 5)
  • Housing Imaginations (level 6)
  • Development Geographies (level 6)
  • Dissertation (level 6)

Andre has also taught on:

  • Key Issues in Human Geography (level 4)
  • Geographies of Diversity (level 4)
  • Geography in the Contemporary World (level 4)
  • Development of Planning Thought (level 5)
  • Cities: Culture, Place and Identity (level 6)
  • International Planning and Development (level 6)
  • Strategies for European Cities (level 6)
  • Geographies of Consumption (level 6)

Research Interests

Andre's research interests include the broad areas of social movements, heterodox Marxist theory and cities and social justice. He is particularly interested in student politicisation, academic labour and critical geographies of the higher education landscape, the impacts of neoliberalism and neoliberalisation on contemporary societies and methodological debates about forms of engaged research, scholar-activism and co-research. Most recently he has published research focussing on the debates around postcapitalism and the commons.

Andre would be interested supervising research students on any of these themes.

Dr Andre Pusey, Course Director

Ask Me About

  1. Sociology
  2. Geography

Selected Outputs

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