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Dr Andrew Lawson

About Dr Andrew Lawson

Andrew's background is in the interdisciplinary study of American literature and history, with a particular focus on the history of capitalism in the United States and the formation of the middle class. His first book explores the tensions and ambiguities of Walt Whitman's lower-middle-class identity; a recent study of American realism shows how a literary genre central to middle-class culture emerged as a response to the instabilities of the nineteenth century economy.

Andrew’s first book was Walt Whitman and the Class Struggle (University of Iowa Press, 2006). He has also published Downwardly Mobile: The Changing Fortunes of American Literature (Oxford University Press, 2011), and edited a collection of essays, Class and the Making of American Literature: Created Unequal (Routledge, 2014).

Current Teaching

  • Writing America and Modern American Drama (BA English Literature)
  • Neoliberal Fictions (MA in Contemporary Literatures)

Research Interests

Andrew's work has contributed to a new awareness of class in American literary and cultural history. He is currently editing a collection of essays by established and emerging scholars on this theme, Class and the Making of American Literature: Created Unequal, to be published by Routledge.

Andrew’s current research project is “Speculating on the Self,” an interdisciplinary study of how a capitalist economy and culture developed in America from the colonial period to the early nineteenth century.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (9)

Books (4)

Chapters (2)

  • Lawson A (2011) Twain, Class, and The Gilded Cage. In: Cassuto L The Cambridge History of the American Novel. : Cambridge University Press, pp. 365-379.
  • Lawson A (2009) Early Literary Modernism. In: Matthews JT A Companion to the Modern American Novel 1900 - 1950. Cambridge: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 365-379.

Conference contributions (2)

  • Lawson A (2011) One Hundred Years of Underdevelopment: Garcia Marquez and Dependency Theory New School for Social Research, New York 15/04/2011.
  • Lawson A (2010) An Emotional History of the Business Cycle Oxford University 19/03/2010.

Conference proceedings (1)

  • Lawson A (In press) An Emotional History of the Business Cycle. In: Reputation, Emotion and the Market Oxford University 19/03/2010 00:00:00. : , pp. .
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