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Dr Anthea Rose

About Dr Anthea Rose

Anthea is an experienced social science cross- discipline researcher with a particular focus on qualitative methodology. She is interested in many issues and the concept of intersectionality. All of her research has been framed within education and social policy.

Anthea is currently working on a project looking at school governance. At Loughborough she worked on a range of projects for the schools of Business and Civil and Building Engineering. She has been working on the EU funded 4-year project Gendertime looking at inequality in STEM subjects and also worked on a scoping project looking at informal knowledge exchange between business students.

Prior to this some of the research Anthea has worked on include developing a resource for small universities to help them internationalise their curriculum; rural renewable and social perceptions with a sister project in India and evaluating the delivery of faith based projects in community settings.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (4)

  • Rose A (2013), Exploring the relationship between supplementary schools and cohesive communities. International Journal of Inclusive Education, vol. 17 (11), p. 1135-1151.
  • Allen K; Quinn J; Hollingworth S; Rose A (2013), Becoming employable students and 'ideal' creative workers: Exclusion and inequality in higher education work placements. British Journal of Sociology of Education, vol. 34 (3), p. 431-452.
  • Maylor U; Rose A; Minty S; Ross A; Issa T; Kuyok KA (2013), Exploring the impact of supplementary schools on Black and Minority Ethnic pupils' mainstream attainment. British Educational Research Journal, vol. 39 (1), p. 107-125.
  • Rose A (2013), Building on existing informal learning in Traveller communities through family literacy programmes: An Irish case study. International Journal of Inclusive Education, vol. 17 (2), p. 174-191.

Books (1)

  • Atkin C; Rose A; Cheffins N; Clarke M (2015) Public understanding of, and attitudes to, local hybrid energy systems: a study across rural Britain. . Bishop Grosseteste University.

Chapters (2)

  • Allen K; Quinn J; Hollingworth S; Rose A (2012) Doing Diversity and Evading Equality: the case of student work placements in the creative sector. In: Allen K; Quinn J; Hollingworth S; Rose A Educational Diversity: the subject of difference and different subjects. Ha,mpshire: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 180-200.
  • Rose A; Gill M; Collins K; Hemming M (2007) Public Perceptions of Static and Redeployable CCTV. In: Rose A; Gill M; Collins K; Hemming M Community Safety Innovation and Evaluation. Chester: Chester Academic Press, pp. 128-147.

Conference contributions (1)

  • Rose A (2014) Exploring the role of lifelong learning in the development of energy literacy for adults London, UK 20140923. : .

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (2)

  • Rose A; Atkin C (2007) Strengthening home-school links through family literacy programmes: a comparative European case study. In: . : , pp. 340-349.
  • Rose A; Atkin C (2006) Family Literacy Programmes: a comparative European perspective of local and global. In: . : , pp. 129-140.

Reports (11)

  • Atkin C; Rose A; Sharp JG; Hill Y; Adams K; Sayers R (2015) Internationalising the curriculum: a developmental resource for initiating transformational change.. . Higher Education Academy.
  • Gill M; Rose A; Collins K (2015) A good practice guide for the implementation of redeployable CCTV. . Home Office Online Report.
  • Rose A (2013) Faithfully meeting local need: lessons from faith-based organisations delivering community services. . London: CLiCT, Oasis College..
  • Hutchings M; Greenwood C; Hollingworth S; Mansary A; Rose A; Minty S; Glass K (2012) Evaluating the City Challenge programme. . Department for Education.
  • Maylor U; Glass K; Issa T; Abol Kuyok K; Minty S; Rose A; Ross A (2010) The impact of supplementary schools on pupils' attainment: An investigation into what factors contribute to educational improvements. . London Metropolitan University.
  • Hollingworth S; Allen K; Kuyok Abol K; Mansaray A; Rose A (2009) An exploration of parents' engagement with their children's learning involving technologies and the impact of this in their family learning experiences. . Becta.
  • Hobson AJ; Malderez A; Tracey L; Homer M; Mitchell N; Biddulph M; Giannakaki MS; Rose A; Pell RG; Roper T (2007) Newly Qualified Teachers' Experiences of their First Year of Teaching. Findings from Year III of the Becoming a Teacher Project. . Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).
  • Atkin C; Rose A; O'Grady A (2006) Evaluation of the DfES Materials for Embedded Learning. . London: National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and numeracy (NDRC)..
  • Atkin C; Rose A; Shier R (2005) Provision of, and learner engagement with, adult literacy, numeracy and ESOL support in rural England: a comparative case study. . London: National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and numeracy (NDRC)..
  • Baker P; Coleman A; Crane V; Rose A; Worthy M (2002) "My Mates Are Dead Jealous 'Cause they Don't Get To Come Here!": An Analysis Of The Provision Of Alternative, Non-School-Based Learning Activities For 14-16 Year Olds In The East Midlands.. . East Midlands: Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA).
  • Rose A; McLoughlan S; Toolan P (2001) The Nature Of 14-16 Collaborative Partnerships Between Schools And Colleges In The East Midlands And The Impact Of This On Provision. . East Midlands: Learning and Skills Development Agency.
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