Dr Audra Diers-Lawson, Senior Lecturer

Dr Audra Diers-Lawson

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Diers-Lawson is a global leader in issues and crisis communication research.

In her career of more than 20 years, Dr. Diers-Lawson has been a practitioner, researcher and instructor in strategic communication with an emphasis on crisis response and brand management. She is also the Chair of the Crisis Communication Division of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) and editor for the first crisis and risk communication peer-reviewed journal -- the Journal of International Crisis and Risk Communication Research.

As a practitioner, Dr Diers-Lawson has worked across industries like IT, health, agriculture and the public sector in multinational, national, regional and local contexts. However, Audra's passion lies in research and education. Her book, Crisis Communication: Managing Stakeholder Relationships(2020) has been adopted by practitioners and academics around the world. She is also collaborating with colleagues from around the world to better understand pandemic communication, and reduce hesitancy towards vaccination. And with projects being published on the role of Brexit, Covid-19, and hostile media coverage on the prospects of Scottish independence; long-term brand damage; and responding to security breaches, her research tackles both punctuated crises and long-term challenges. With work published in key books and respected journals, she is emerging as a key influencer in her field.

Current Teaching

Dr Diers-Lawson presently teaches on the Public Relations and Brand Communication (UG), MSc in Corporate Communication, and MBA programmes and lead modules in:

  • Issues and Crisis Communication/PR
  • Intercultural and International Communication

Research Interests

For the next few years, Dr. Diers-Lawson's research is focusing on:

  • Reducing vaccine hesitancy. She is leading a project connecting colleagues from the UK, US, Mexico, Colombia and New Zealand to better communicate with people who are hesitant to be vaccinated or have their children vaccinate
  • Exploring blame attribution, media coverage, and pandemic communication. She is involved with two separate projects. She is a Senior Mercator fellow with colleagues in Germany investigating communication surrounding Covid-19. Additionally, she is a part of a 20-nation study designed to understand blame attribution for Covid-19
  • Developing research that addresses the employee experience in crisis. She is leading two separate projects designed to better understand leadership and employee engagement during crises
  • Exploring crisis preparedness, social responsibility, and ethics in the grocery industry. She is leading two projects connected to these themes Together, her research is working to not only improve disease prevention but also understand the social, political, and economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, define what pandemic communication is, and the importance of developing better crisis resilience in organisations
Dr Audra Diers-Lawson, Senior Lecturer

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  3. Social Media

Selected Outputs

  • Diers-Lawson A (2021) iScotland: Crises, the integrated model of activism and Twitter. In: Austin L; Jin Y ed. Social Media and Crisis Communication. Routledge,

  • Diers-Lawson A; Pang A (2021) Strategic Crisis Management: State of the field, Challenges and Opportunities. In: Valentini C ed. Public Relations. De Gruyter, pp. 195-216.

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  • Diers-Lawson A; Qureshi N (2021) Healthcare is more than curing the disease: The role of stakeholder relationship management in healthcare. In: Tench R; Waddington S ed. Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication. Pearson,

  • Diers-Lawson A (2020) Applying the Stakeholder Relationship Model as an Issue Management and Risk Communication Tool. In: Sabuncuoglu Peksevgen B; Fuglseth K; Sivertsen E; Halvorsen JA ed. Themes in Issues, Risk and Crisis Communication: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective. Berlin: Peter Lang Publishers,

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  • Diers-Lawson AR (2020) Norsk Tipping’s loneliest stakeholder: Crisis, issues, and the stakeholder voice. In: Svenkerud PJ; Sørnes J; Browning L ed. Whistleblowing, Communication and Consequences: Lessons from The Norwegian National Lottery. Routledge,

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  • Diers-Lawson AR (2017) Antecedents and Indicators of Strong Emotional Reactions to Crises Among Stakeholders. In: Croucher SM; Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk B; Wilson P ed. Conflict, Mediated Message, and Group Dynamics: Intersections of Communication. Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 81-136.

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  • Diers-Lawson A (2017) Crisis Communication. In: Giles H; Harwood J ed. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Intergroup Communication. Oxford University Press,

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  • Diers-Lawson AR; Croucher S (2017) Sports, Culture, and Financial Crisis: A cross-cultural comparison of the social media responses of struggling sports associations in the United States and the United Kingdom. In: Austin LL; Jin Y ed. Social Media and Crisis Communication. Routledge,

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  • Diers-Lawson AR (2012) Reconstructing stakeholder relationships using ‘corporate social responsibility’ as a response strategy to cases of corporate irresponsibility: The case of the 2010 BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In: Tench R; Sun W; Jones B ed. Corporate Social Irresponsibility: A Challenging Concept.

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  • Diers-Lawson AR; Hatfield K (2011) Shepard’s fence: An iconic image examined. In: Ross SD; Lester PM ed. Images that Injure: Pictorial Stereptypes in the Media. Praeger, pp. 153-162.

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  • Diers-Lawson A; Johnson S; Clayton T; Kimoto R; Tran BX; Nguyen LH; Park K (2021) Creating Evidence-Based Pandemic Communication Strategy: A Comparison Between the Republic of Korea and Vietnam.

  • Diers-Lawson A; Symons A (2020) Mind the gap : Understanding stakeholder reactions to different types of data security. In: International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference, 9 March 2020 - 11 March 2020, Orlando, Florida.


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  • Diers-Lawson AR; Birkholt MJ; Bruce H (2015) Killer Coca-Cola vs Pouring on the pounds: Comparing the brand damage potential between negative health messaging and counterbranding strategies. In: Academy of Management Sciences annual conference, Denver, Colorado.

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  • Diers-Lawson AR (2019) Crisis Communication: Managing Stakeholder Relationships. London: Routledge.