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Dr Blaine Robin

About Dr Blaine Robin

In September 2020, Dr Blaine Robin commenced his current role as Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University at the School of Clinical and Applied Sciences. He is the module lead for Occupations Across the Lifespan; Admissions lead for the BSc Occupational Therapy and co lecturer on the MSc programme Occupational Therapy.

Dr. Blaine Robin: author, occupational therapist, and social scientist. Born in Paddington, North London in the 1960s as one of two children to Dominican parentage. His parents would be now regarded as part of the Windrush Generation (denoting migrant arrivals from the former slave colonies of the Caribbean) although their ship was called the Askania – which docked in Southampton in 1957 (father) and 1959 (mother). In 1991 he trained as an Occupational Therapist at the London School of Occupational Therapy, West London Institute of Higher Education (now Brunel University) under the guidance of many pioneering and influential educators including Dr Lynn Summerfield Mann (who introduced him to the novel work of Dr Kielhofner and his Model of Human Occupations); and Professor Gaynor Sadlo and her work on Problem Based Learning.

Following graduation, he continued studying part time (self-funded) and in 1995/1996 gained a master’s degree (MSc) - Social Research and Statistics at City University. He was one the first cohort of this part time programme. He was encouraged by the first of many influential academics: Professor Dick Wiggins - who contributed to pioneering work on Schooling and unequal outcomes in youth and adulthood. Many rewarding and fulfilling Occupational Therapy roles in Local Councils; the National Health Service and Private sector followed. By 2000 he was enrolled on a PhD (self-funded) programme under initial supervisors of Professor Michael Oliver - deceased - (pioneering academic of the Social Model of Disability); Professor Michael Kelly former Director of the Centre for Public Health at the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) . Professor Thomas Acton (leading expert in Roma Gypsy Heritage studies) latterly provided supervision completion of the Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2010.

Current Teaching

  • Advanced Occupational Therapy
  • Research Design and Methods
  • Applied Research
  • Occupations Across the Lifespan

Research Interests

The following list are prospective book title publications / prospective journal article titles:

Public Health Policy

  • Public Health approach analysis of Long-Term Conditions
  • Social Determinants of Health and Illness
  • Exploring notions of modifiable risk factors to reduce the onset of Cardiovascular Disease and Coronary health disease amongst UK population
  • Perpetual Institutionalization of inpatient care: Occupational Sick Role Identity

Theory: Sociology of Race/Identity; Occupational Identity

  • Social Theory on the History of [Global] Occupations [What did people and communities do in the past?; why and how?]
  • Reparatory Justice and Occupational Activism [When things go wrong "socially" in occupations what recourse is there for correcting this?]
  • Racial Disparities of Health and Illness (the real why questions?)
  • Are we ready for a debate about white privilege? The extent of balanced Ethnic diversity within the Occupational Therapy Higher Education profession - Case study
  • Connecting Past to Present by Recounting memories/legacy as Occupational Identities
  • Life lessons about coping with race prejudice from parents of Mixed Race (Black) children


  • How Occupational Therapists forge new identities in efforts to promote infection control
  • Developing a pragmatic theoretical framework for Occupational Therapists working in Local Authority settings

Selected Publications

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