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Dr David Lowe

Dr David Lowe
Contact Details

Senior Research Fellow

Leeds Law School

0113 8129028

About Dr David Lowe

David is a senior research fellow at Leeds Beckett's Law School. Prior to entering academia David was police officer up to his retirement from the service in 2007  where he carried out various uniform and CID roles. During the latter part of his police career he began studying part time. After retiring as a detective sergeant, he began his academic career at Liverpool John Moores University's Law School.

Mainly due to his background and operational practice, David's main research interests are in terrorism & security, policing and criminal law. He is widely published in these areas and his expertise has been called on to be an expert witness that has included the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism unit, SO15 on terrorists' use of tradecraft (counter-surveillance techniques) and for the Irish state prosecutor and the Irish police (An Garda Siochana) regarding evidence obtained from electronic communications. David is consistently requested by national and international media for expert commentary in his research interests.

David is currently involved in a number of projects related to Prevent programme that assists those who are vulnerable to being drawn towards terrorism and in counter-extremism. This includes helping to develop practical exercises using LBU's Hydra suite. He is a member of an All Party Parliamentary Committee, where he attends meetings at the Houses of Parliament at Westminster to provide advice on Prevent. David is a member if the Academic Resilience & Security Community which is a network of universities formed to promote academic engagement in solving challenges in national security and resilience in the public sector. Academic RiSC is recognized by the Home Office and other Government Departments as a portal to academia for this area. David is a member of the Honourable Society of the Inner temple (one of the UK's four inns of Court).

Current Teaching

David's main teaching responsibilities are in supervising PhD, LLM and LLB dissertation students. He delivers a couple of lectures on the LLB level 6 Anti-Terrorism Law module (where his book Terrorism: law & Policy is the set text). David is currently developing the Global Security, Counter Terrorism and Justice module for the integrated LLM that is commences in 2021

Research Interests

David's research has been published in a variety of books, book chapters and journals both peer reviewed and online. Recent work includes his books 'Terrorism:Law and Policy' published in 2018 by Routledge and 'Policing Terrorism' published by Taylor & Francis in 2016. His latest book 'Terrorism: State Surveillance of Communications' co-written with Simon Hale-Ross will be published in June 2019. David's work has been published in journals such as Terrorism and Political Violence, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism and International Criminal Law.

As a result of his work in these areas David is consistently requested by national and international media for expert commentary including the BBC (both television and radio), Sky news, ITN, CNN, Al Jazeera, RT, France 24, DW Germany, LBC and talkRADIO. He is working on a project in the northwest of England with various schools, regional Home Office Prevent officers related to Prevent that has received funding from various sources. David is also working in counter-extremism project where his focus is on the impact the far-right is having on state security. In February David submitted his research in this area to the journal Terrorism & Political Violence

Selected Publications

Journal articles (15)

  • Lowe D (2020), Far-Right Extremism : Is it Legitimate Freedom of Expression, Hate Crime or Terrorism?
    View Repository Record
  • Lowe D (2017), Prevent Strategies: Time to re-brand them and minimise divisiveness
  • Lowe D (2017), Prevent Strategies: Time to re-brand them and minimise divisiveness
  • Lowe D (2017), Prevent Strategies: The Problems Associated in Defining Extremism: The Case of the United Kingdom
    View Repository Record
  • Lowe D (2017), The European Union's Passenger Name Record Data Directive 2016/681: Is It Fit for Purpose?
    View Repository Record
  • Lowe D (2016), Prevent/Resilience Strategies: Are they Inclusive or Divisive?
  • Lowe D (2016), The Implications of the Schrems Decision and ending of the US-EU Safe Harbour Agreement
  • Lowe D (2016), Surveillance and International Terrorism Intelligence Exchange: Balancing the Interests of National Security and Individual Liberty
  • Lowe D (2015), Why in Widening Surveillance Powers of Electronic Communications, Co-Operation is needed with Internet and Communications Service Providers
  • Lowe D (2015), The Issues Islamic State's Communications Strategy Pose in Russia and the UK: A Comparative Study of Problems Faced and Ways to Counter Them'
  • Lowe D (2015), Review of Holt, Burruss and Bossler's Policing Cybercrime and Cyberterror'
  • Lowe D (2014), Review of Cian Murphy's EU Counter-Terrorism Law'
  • Lowe D (2013), Review of Steve Peers' Justice and Home Affairs Law'
  • Lowe D (2011), Lack of Discretion in High Policing'
  • Lowe D (2006), EU Criminal Law: In through the back door'

Books (6)

  • Lowe D; Hale-Ross S (2019) Terrorism and State Surveillance of Communications. Routledge.
  • Lowe D (2018) Terrorism Law and Policy.
  • Lowe D; Das DK (2017) Trends in the Judiciary Interviews with Judges Across the Globe, Volume Three. Routledge.
  • Lowe D (2015) Policing Terrorism Research Studies into Police Counterterrorism Investigations. CRC Press.
  • Lowe D; Das DK (2015) Trends in the Judiciary Interviews with Judges Across the Globe, Volume Two. CRC Press.
  • Lowe D; Turk AT; Das DK (2013) Examining Political Violence Studies of Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and Internal War. CRC Press.

Chapters (8)

  • Lowe D (2020) 'Race Hate Crime or Terrorism related Legislation: Which is the most effective in dealing with extreme far right activity?'. In: Douaihy S Les Raciness Religieuses de la Radicalization: fait ou fiction? (Religious roots of radicalization: fact or fiction?),. Montreal, Canada: Presses de l'universite de Montreal, pp. .
  • Lowe D (2019) Legislating Non-Violent Extremism: Problems of definition and conflict with freedom of thought and speech'. In: Engelhart M Dealing with ISIS: Empirical and normative changes. : Duncker & Humbolt, pp. .
  • Lowe D (2018) Data Protection and Rights to Privacy Involved in Intelligence Gathering and International Intelligence Exchange'. In: Roberson C Routledge Handbook on Social Justice. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 292-308.
  • Lowe D (2017) Surveillance of Electronic Communications and the Law'. In: Morley S; Turner J; Corteen K; Taylor P A Companion to State Power, Liberties & Rights. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 272-273.
  • Lowe D (2017) Jon Murphy, Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, UK. In: Baker B; Das D Trends in Policing: Interviews with Police Leaders Across the Globe. Boca Raton: CRC Press, pp. 35-50.
  • Lowe D (2015) Handling Informers. In: Eterno J; Roberson C The Detective's Handbook. Boca Raton: CRC Press, pp. 193-210.
  • Lowe D (2014) Medical Examination of Mentally Disordered/Mentally Vulnerable Detainees in Police Custody in England and Wales. In: Guzman M; Das M; Das D The Evolution of Policing. Boca Raton: CRC Press, pp. 389-404.
  • Lowe D (2010) Spooking the Spooks: Conducting Research intothe UK's Integrated Speical Branch. In: Roberson C; Das D; Singer J Police Without Borders: The Fading Distinction Between Local and Global. Boca Raton: CRC Press, pp. 217-240.

Internet publications (14)

  • Lowe D (2019), London Bridge attack: why longer sentences for terrorist offences are not the answer'
  • Lowe D (2019), London Bridge attack: why longer sentences for terrorist offences are not the answer
  • Lowe D (2017), Why the difference in operational clothing?
  • Lowe D (2017), Plugging into EU Justice and Home Affairs policies
  • Lowe D (2017), Manchester attack: as bombs return, what can be done to make venues safer?
  • Lowe D (2017), Run, hide, tell - treat? The public now has a role to play in Westminster-style attack
  • Lowe D (2017), Terrorism in Westminster: London had expected attack for some time and police reaction was rapid
  • Lowe D (2016), Jo Cox murder reminds us that terrorism comes in many forms
  • Lowe D (2016), Nice attack reminds France the state can't keep you safe 100% of the time
  • Lowe D (2016), Jo Cox killing: what can be done to protect MPs - and British democracy?
  • Lowe D (2016), How can French authorities prevent a terrorist attack during Euro 2016
  • Lowe D (2016), Fact Check: could someone be extradited without evidence under a European Arrest Warrant
  • Lowe D (2015), Sinai crash: what do we really know?
  • Lowe D (2015), Europol tasked with online search-and-destroy mission to combat Islamic State

Newspaper or magazine articles (6)

  • Lowe D (In press), Christchurch Terrorist Attack, The Far-Right and Social Media: What can we learn?
  • Lowe D (2020), Terrorist's Use of Tradecraft
  • Lowe D (2020), Terrorists' use of electronic communications
  • Lowe D (2019), London Bridge attack: Why longer sentences for terrorist offences are not the answer.
  • Lowe D (2019), 'London Bridge attack: why longer sentences for terrorist offences are not the answer'
  • Lowe D (2019), Christchurch Terrorist Attack, the Far-Right and Social Media: What can we Learn?
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