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Dr Divine Charura

About Dr Divine Charura

Dr Divine Charura is a Course Director for the Psychological Therapies and Mental Postgraduate courses. He is a Chartered Psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). He is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a Practitioner/Counselling Psychologist. Divine has also been qualified as a Psychotherapist for years and is registered as an adult Psychotherapist with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Divine's work experience includes working in diverse psychological, psychiatric/clinical and therapeutic settings including within the UK National Health Service (NHS), voluntary sector and in private practice. Divine's psychotherapeutic interests include the transformational potential of the therapeutic relationship when working with complex psychological distress, the impact of relationships, love/attachment, diversity and culture on psychological development and wellbeing. Through such interest and experience as a psychotherapist and as a practitioner psychologist, Divine continues to be engaged in clinical practice working with a wide range of psychological presentations and disorders. This informs his teaching of theory, interests in research as well as supervision of trainee or qualified psychotherapists/psychologists.

In 2015, Divine became a Fellow with the Higher Education Academy. Divine is one of the few academics within the Leeds Beckett University Media centre who can be called upon to present or provide expert opinion on a range of subjects. He has previously contributed to ongoing news stories and featured on within the media and different radio shows.

Current Teaching

Divine teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Some of the modules he has taught included Person-Centred, Humanistic Psychology, Psychodynamic theory and practice, Transcultural Counselling and Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Systemic Therapy and Practice, Counselling Skills, Reflective Practice, Research Methods, Eating Disorders, Supervision, and Psychology of Religion & Spirituality.

Divine is currently the course leader for the MA Psychotherapy and the Postgraduate Certificate in Supervision. He also teaches on the following:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling and Interpersonal Skills
  • HE and PG Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Divine also supervises both Masters and PhD research.

Research Interests

Divine has a wide range of research interests and is able to use a range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and methods. Some of the recent research that he has conducted and been involved in has employed methodologies and methods which include thematic analysis, grounded theory, and Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

As a psychotherapist, practitioner/counselling psychologist, and academic, Divine's research interests are in identifying what contributes to psychological distress and psychological trauma as well as identifying interventions that are of therapeutic benefit to patients/clients. Furthermore he is also interested in the following:

  • The potential of the therapeutic relationship to inform psychological and personality change.
  • The impact of relationships, love and attachment on psychological development.
  • The relationship between issues of difference/diversity, culture and inequalities, marginalisation, health and wellbeing.
  • Facilitative conditions for optimal psychological change and post traumatic growth.
  • Effectiveness and potential harm of Psychotherapy on psychological wellbeing.

Divine has been involved in conducting research on different funded projects. His most recent research projects have been on how Psychotherapists and Psychologists work with trauma in refugees and asylum seekers who have been tortured/traumatised. He has also conducted research funded by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy on existing psychometric/ psychotherapy assessment protocols and outcome measures with refugees and asylum seeker clients in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Divine has edited and co-authored numerous psychotherapy books, book chapters and academic articles. He also often is invited to present on different topics at a range of national and international conferences. A selected list of some of his publications is listed below.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (3)

  • Charura D; McFarlane K; Walker B; Williams GA (2017), Above all, do no harm: Towards more ethical ways of being and acting in psychological formulation. Clinical Psychology Forum, vol. 293
    View Repository Record
  • Charura D; Wallace L (2012), Group Supervision when working with complex issues in addiction work. Addiction Today
  • CHARURA D (2012), Demystifying the Curative Factor of Group Psychotherapy in Rehab. Addiction Today, vol. 23 (135), p. 22-23.

Books (5)

  • Lago C; Charura D (2016) The Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy Handbook Origins, Developments and Contemporary Practice. . .
  • Hill D; Penson B; Charura D (2015) Working with Dual Diagnosis A Psychosocial Perspective. . Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Charura D; Paul S (2015) Love and Therapy In Relationship. . Karnac Books.
  • Paul S; Charura D (2014) An Introduction to the Therapeutic Relationship in Counselling and Psychotherapy. . SAGE.
  • Charura D; Paul S (2014) The Therapeutic Relationship Handbook: Theory & Practice. . McGraw-Hill Education (UK).

Chapters (3)

  • Pattison S; Charura D; McAndrew T (2015) Diversity. In: Pattison S; Charura D; McAndrew T The Hanbook of Counselling Children and Young People. : Sage, pp. .
  • Charura D (2014) Lost In translation: meeting the challenges of language and regional customs when working online cross border, without visual cues. In: Charura D Psychotherapy 2.0: Where Psychotherapy and Technology Meet. London: Karnac Books, pp. .
  • Charura D (2011) The effects of an African Heritage. In: Charura D The Handbook Of Transcultural Counselling And Psychotherapy. : McGraw-Hill Education (UK), pp. .

Conference contributions (1)

  • Charura D (2011) Whats Love got to do with it? Love, and its impact on Mental Wellbeing. 20110510. Leeds Met University: .

Other (1)

  • Hill DJ; Charura D (2015), Encountering Dual Diagnosis: Children's Social Work Matters.

Presentations (1)

  • Charura D (2013), Empathy: A transcultural approach.

Scholarly editions (1)

  • Paul S; Charura D; McFarlane K; Howard P; Bott D; Lago C; Boston P (2012), A Theory of Love: Love in the Therapy room.
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