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Dr Dong Hoang
Contact Details
Dr Dong Hoang

Senior Lecturer

Leeds Business School

0113 81 24610

About Dr Dong Hoang

Dong is a Lecturer in Marketing at Leeds Business School. Her main research interest is in the areas of retailing, online shopping and retail supply chain. Before taking the lectureship role Dong was a Research Fellow at The Retail Institute.

Beside teaching commitments, Dong is actively involved in a number of consultancy research projects commissioned by businesses. She has supported many global brands and packaging companies on how to use consumer voice in their innovation processes. Dong has a passion for employing innovative and cross disciplinary research methods to identify business opportunities and address complex challenges. Before joining Leeds Beckett University, she worked as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath.

Current Teaching

Previously taught:

  • Consumer Insight (H5)
  • Agile Consumer Insight (H7)
  • Postgraduate Dissertation (H7)
  • Business Ethics (H6)

Research Interests

The recent research project was about exploring substitution effects in the online grocery shopping context. It examined how retailers could, through effective substitution policy design, mitigate the negative impact of post-purchase stockouts. The research was presented at the British Academy of Management annual conference in 2016.

Another area of research interest is about traditional retail markets and High Street. Dong has conducted a research project for Leeds City Council on retail innovation of its Kirkgate market and presented the case study at the Oxford Retail Institute conference in 2015.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (4)

Chapters (1)

  • Hoang D; Breugelmans E (2020) Sorry, Your Order Has a Substitution: The Effects of Substitution Policy in Online Grocery Retailing. In: Martinez-Lopez F; Gázquez-Abad JC; Breugelmans E . : , pp. 145-155.

Conference contributions (3)

  • Kunamaneni S; Jassi S; Hoang D (2018) Exploring Adoption Of Low-involvement Fast Moving Consumer Products Manchester 01/01/0001 00:00:00.
    View Repository Record
  • Hoang D; Barnes (2015) Public Entrepreneurship and the Management of Retail Markets Oxford University 01/01/0001 00:00:00.
  • Hoang D (2013) Promoting international labour standards: an analysis of institutional change Berlin, Germany 01/01/0001 00:00:00.

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (2)

  • Hoang D; Nath P; Barnes CJ (2016) The mediating role of perceived fairness in consumers' response to post-purchase 'out of stock' in an online grocery context. In: BAM2016 Conference Newcastle, UK 06/09/2016 00:00:00. : , pp. .
    View Repository Record
  • Barnes CJ; Hoang D (2015) Public entrepreneurship and the management of traditional retail markets. In: Oxford Retail Futures Conference Oxford 08/12/2015 00:00:00. : , pp. .
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Newspaper or magazine articles (1)

  • Hoang D (2018), The high street retailers need to adapt to survive

Reports (1)

  • Smith N; Nguyen MH; Hoang D; Nguyen TS; Baulch B; Nguyen TLT (2009) Coconut in the Mekong Delta: An Assessment of Competitivenessand Industry Potential. Prosperity Initiative.
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