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Gaby Pfeifer
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Gaby Pfeifer


School Of Social Sciences

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About Gaby Pfeifer

Dr Gaby Pfeifer (CPsychol) is an experimental psychologist with a background in cognitive neuroscience and biological psychology. Gaby is interested in the psychology of aging, memory and emotion regulation.

Gaby joined the School of Social Sciences in July 2018 as Lecturer in Psychology.

Prior to her role at Leeds Beckett, Gaby worked as a Research Fellow in the department of Neuroscience at the Brighton and Sussex Medical. She was awarded her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience jointly from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the University of Sussex in 2015. She also completed an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York (2011) and holds a first class honours degree in Psychology from the University of Bournemouth (2010).

Gaby’s area of expertise includes the study of human perception, learning and memory. Her research has consistently examined wider influences, such as the effects of aging, individual differences (synaesthesia), personality, and mild cognitive impairment to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cognitive processes and neural representations that underlie memory. During her research fellowship, Gaby further extended her line of research, investigating the brain-body relationship in emotional learning and memory. This work has demonstrated that cardiovascular arousal, and the mere perception of cardiovascular arousal (i.e. interoception), mediate learning and memory of emotional information.

Gaby’s methodological expertise includes behavioural techniques, neuroimaging (fMRI), neuropsychology, electrocardiogram and pharmacological interventions (oxytocin, propranolol).

Gaby has an interest in Career Development and aims to embed career specific knowledge in the curriculum to help prepare students for the workplace. Gaby gives invited talks at events organised by the British Psychological Society and has delivered career-related workshops to students and staff at the University of Sussex. Her work is inspired by psychological theories and focuses on understanding the changing work-life structures in an age of longevity, identifying values to make satisfying career choices, and on empowerment/engagement at work.

Current Teaching

Gaby teaches cognitive and biological psychology on the first year Mind, Brain and Behaviour module, as well as developmental psychology on the first year Growing up in a Social World and second year Lifespan Development modules.

Gaby supervises Undergraduate and Master students conducting research in the areas of Memory and Perception; Emotions; Personality; Interoception; Aging.

Selected Publications

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