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Dr Glen Jankowski

Dr Glen Jankowski
Contact Details
Dr Glen Jankowski

Senior Lecturer

School Of Social Sciences

???? G.Jankowski@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Glen Jankowski

Glen is a Senior Lecturer in Critical and Social Psychology. His research interests include curriculum diversification, body image and anti-racism.

Before joining Leeds Beckett University, Glen gained a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Exeter (in 2010), an MSc in Health Psychology from the University of Bath (in 2011).

Glen completed his PhD at Leeds Beckett University in September 2015. His thesis empirically argued that the rise in men's body image concerns over the last 20 years was related to chances in commercial priorities rather than any individual factors.

Since then, Glen's research interests have continued to align with Critical Psychology. This aims to challenge psychology's individualization of societal problems (e.g., widespread body dissatisfaction).

Current Teaching

Glen currently teaches on the following BSc and MSc Psychology modules:

  • Introducing Psychology (Year 1)
  • Psychology of the Appearance (Year 2)
  • Working and Living in the Social World (MSc)
  • Final Year Research Project
  • MSc Research Project

Research Interests

Glen's current research includes co-ordinating the Curriculum Diversification project (www.bmepsychology.com) which aims to help move the teaching in Psychology away from its White, Western bias. This project has been supported by the Centre for Learning and Teaching and Leeds Beckett University's Staff Race Equality Forum.

Glen is a committee member of the Psychology of Women & Equalities Section. Between 2012 and 2016 he co-edited the newsletter and website for International Society for Critical Health Psychology.

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