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Dr Harold Offeh

About Dr Harold Offeh

Harold Offeh was born in Accra, Ghana in 1977 and grew up in London, UK. Harold is interested in the space created by the inhabiting or embodying of history. His work encompasses performance, social practice, video and photography, often using humour as a means to confront the viewer with aspects of contemporary culture and history.

Harold is an artist, curator and educator working in a range of media including performance, video, photography, learning and social practice. Often employing humour as a means to confront the viewer with an assessment of contemporary culture. Harold’s current project ‘Covers’ sees the artist embody images from popular culture in a series of attempts to transform music album covers from the 1970s and '80s by black divas. He continues to work in a number of diverse and situational contexts.

Current Teaching

Offeh is currently a senior lecturer in Fine Art. Co-ordinating the Level 4 (1st Year) Programme. In addition to studio teaching, Offeh also lectures as part of the courses critical and contextual studies programme. He has also organised several international trips for students to New York, Krakow, Venice and most recently Los Angeles, USA.

Transforming art: "Instagram is as valid an exploration of culture as a sculpture or a painting" - Harold Offeh - School of Art, Architecture & Design

Research Interests

Harold Offeh employs a range of strategies, including found footage, performance-based videos, live art and workshops to assess contemporary popular media representations of race, identity and desire. His interest in video stems from his research into early video practitioners such as Vito Acconci, William Wegman, Bruce Nauman, Adrian Piper and Martha Rosler, all of whom used the medium to explore the body, space, race and gender as well as the relationship between addresser and addressee.

He has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. In 2017 he exhibited as part of Untitled: art on the conditions of our time at New Art Exchange in Nottingham, UK and Tous, des sangs-mêlés at MAC VAL, Museum of Contemporary Art in Val de Marne, France. He'll be the 2017 Open House residency artist at Kettle's Yard in Cambridge and a summer artist in residence at Wysing Arts Centre. He lives in Cambridge and works in Leeds and London, UK.

Selected Publications

Artworks (1)

Books (4)

  • Offeh H (2018) Actions: The image of the world can be different (Book).. Cambridge: Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge.
  • Offeh H (2016) The Age of Our Own Making (Exhibition Catalogue)..
  • Offeh H (2016) As We Alter It, So It Alters Us (self-published artists book).. Rope Press.
  • Offeh H (2016) AN AGE OF OUR OWN MAKING III (Exhibition Catalogue). Oplag 1000 Berlin, Germany: Forlag, The Green Box, Kunst Editionen, Berlin.

Chapters (3)

Conference contributions (16)

Exhibitions (45)

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Newspaper or magazine articles (6)

Other (24)

Peer reviews (artworks/exhibitions) (1)

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  • Offeh H (In press)
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